Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shipping lambs....

We worked the sheep yesterday.  The ewes were de-wormed and the lambs were sorted away from their mothers.  The wether lambs, 170 head of them, were trucked to the sale barn to be sold.  They sure did look good.  They've gained well on the range and were good and fat.  Hubby always says, "Weight sells."  And I think he's right. They brought an excellent and honest price today.

We also sorted the ewe lambs off and weaned them.  They will sell in September at the Special Ewe Lamb Sale.  Prime ewe lambs will draw plenty of buyers.  We will choose the ewe lambs we want to add into the herd to replace the old, cull ewes, and then we'll sell all the rest.  We have 170 head of ewe lambs so we had a 50-50 mix of males and females.  Pretty cool.

This week we are busy in the early mornings working cows and calves.  It has been in the high 90s and tomorrow the weatherman is predicting 100s, so we have to get our cattle worked before the heat of the day.  I'll try to take some photos tomorrow to share.

Happy Dog Days of Summer!  (would that be a Hot Dog?)


  1. I find it really interesting our weather is so much alike. Right now. Your lambs look wonderful. What a great time of year.
    Nice paychecks too. :)
    I am glad you have had a nice summer.

  2. Oh boy that's hot. Yippee for a good honest price!


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