Sunday, April 26, 2015


Not snow snowballs.  
Quilty fabric snowballs!

I've started a new quilt for the newest grandbaby.
Lyla gets a snowball quilt.

I started with a 5" charm pack of Moda's LOL
and will use one or more of the LOL fabrics for the back.
The white space is off-white with tiny white stars.
It's hard to see in the pics, but you can if you enlarge them.

I'm trying to decide if I should have some white space
--with the tiny star fabric--
 between the snowballs (like this)
 or leave them close together (like this).
Which do you like?

Since these are small 5" unfinished blocks, 
they will shrink to 4.5" finished blocks within the quilt.

I only had 42 LOL blocks and needed more so
I added some coordinating fabrics from my own stash
to infuse into the LOL blocks. 

It's an evolving process.
I'm having fun!


  1. I like white space but what about off-white, like muslin, space?

    1. Yes. I just added more info to this post. The "white space" I'm using is a muslin color with tiny white stars on it. That would be the white space fill if I decide not to put them close together. I will surround the snowballs with more of the tiny star print.

  2. Very sweet! I like the contrast, too!

  3. I do like the lots of white space between, but I love the close together quilt. So fun and lots of pattern to entertain Lyla as she gets older and has more tummy time!

  4. I like the close-together look, but you'll need more flowery, patterned material to make more 'snowballs' doing it that way. Either way, I admire your creativity and ability to make hand-made items for your family that are loved today and I'm sure many of which will be kept as heirlooms.

  5. Oh, I do love a good snowball quilt! I like both versions too -- I'm glad you're the one having to make the decision and not me LOL!!!

  6. Very pretty and I can tell you are having fun. I am three quilts behind.
    I need to get busy.

  7. You've made such a pretty start. Looking forward to seeing more.

  8. Jody,

    I love the colors---so happy and cheerful! I vote for more space to do some fun quilting designs (even lines are glorious!) But then, you know me; I love the quilting part! Have fun!

  9. And I'm going to vote for close together. It has the look of a penny quilt? Is that the right term? I'm for anything colorful! Have fun!


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