Saturday, April 25, 2015

New shoes and walking...

Hubs and I took our homemade breakfast burritos and coffee and drove off in the pick-up to feed cows and calves and to look things over this morning.  It was one of those "Know thy flock" outings in which we were checking up on the mamas and babies, making sure everything looked right.  The fog made it difficult to find them, but we were confident we saw the majority of the cattle.

It remained a drippy, misty, gray day, but with very little moisture falling into the rain gauge.  We were really hoping this might be a good-chance-of-rain day, but there's tonight and tomorrow which look promising. 

Despite the cool, misty-moisty day, I took my daily walk through the pasture.  It was really quite refreshing to me.  I got to try out my new walking shoes for the second time.  I really love these new shoes.  My old walking shoes were beginning to hurt my feet for some reason.  The soles were pretty well worn out and the  laces part was starting to dig into the top of my foot.  It was time for a new pair. I'm so thrilled with these New Balance WX711 tennies that I'm considering buying myself a second pair.  One for walking on the gravel roads and pastures and one for nice.  Plus you know how shoe companies change things up every year?  Just when you find a pair of shoes you really love, they stop making them just when you are ready for another pair.

I've always been a walker and it is not difficult for me to get up and go, but I know it isn't that easy for some.  My daughter, who is a new mama to her third baby girl, is trying to get more exercise and get back to a regular walking schedule.  Spring and summer days will help that.  She informed me yesterday that there is an app on my phone called S Health that when installed, becomes a pedometer and tracks your every step.  It has been said (somewhere) that every human should walk 10,000 steps a day for good health.  I flopped my smartphone in my pocket yesterday at noon and by evening I had tallied up 8100 steps which amounts to 4.35 miles and 366 calories burned.  I was pretty happy with that since I didn't wear my phone all morning.   Today I put my phone in my pocket for most of the day and tallied up 10,995 steps which is about 5.8 miles and 452 calories burned.  Now it's kinda fun to see results like that just from taking a two mile walk and fiddling around walking about the house, out in the yard, up and down stairs, and out to the chickens.  But I sure think that taking a phone along is a cumbersome thing.  It's too big, and some days I don't have pockets.  Putting my phone in my jeans pocket like the young kids do, does not appeal to me.  I can hardly bend over if it's in my front pocket, and I don't want to sit on it if it's in my back pocket.  It's ok putting the smart phone in a coat pocket, but I won't be wearing a coat all summer.  You know, it's not that I really NEED a pedometer, but it's kinda fun.  I was looking at pedometers on Amazon and this one appeals to me.  Simple.  Uncomplicated.  Do you ever wear a pedometer while walking and going about your day?


  1. Yes! I wore the pedometer for over a year but now the Fitbit is easier (Bill gave me his old one). We have little family challenges so I know how many steps all of the kids get! It's fun! I like your shoes!

  2. 10,000 steps is about 2 miles which is what I strive to walk...when weather permits. When it's cold, raining, etc. I'm a slug and don't walk outside. Like Pom, I've got a Fitbit and it help keeps me honest. I used to wear a pedometer but the dratted thing never worked all that well. Perhaps because it was cheap? haha

  3. I like your NB shoes and it's time for a new pair ~ so I just might try them out. Still chuckling about your issues with having the phone in your pants pocket :) I find the same frustration when working in the yard ... and for whatever reason need to have the phone with me. I guess baggy jeans might help ... lol!

  4. Nice Shoes Jody! I know just what you mean about wanting to get a second pair right away -- I was just thinking that this morning about my jeans - it's so hard to find jeans that I like and I just bought a pair a month ago that have become favorites -- I probably should run out and get another pair.

    As much walking as you must do on the ranch, I'm betting 10k steps is part of your everyday routine! The kids got me a fitbit for Christmas, but we were going to return it for one of the updated ones that also calculates heart rate -- I wanted that for my aerobics classes. Haven't made a final decision yet though on what to get!

  5. I do sometimes wear a pedometer. I, too, like to buy more than one pair of shoes when they are just right for my feet. Love the photos of you "getting to know your flock".


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