Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Birthday...

It was Honey Hubby's 53rd birthday today.  Some of our kids and grandkids came for a pancake supper with bacon and side pork.  It's a family tradition to request your favorite meal for birthday supper.  It was sure good.  The big Ta-da was the Pineapple Upside-down Cake.  I didn't have the proper pineapple rings called for in the recipe, but I did have pineapple tidbits and marchino cherries.  It worked just fine.

The lambing has been in a slump these past three days, but I know it won't last for long.  We're expecting a change in the weather, and that usually means the babies come in a wave when that happens.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe it is the weather.  Today we had a good number of babies born, and we have one bum lamb.  She was a twin.  The mama ewe loved one, but not the other, so I'm her mama now.  She's a good lamb and took to the bottle right away.  There's a chance we might find her a new mama yet.  We'll see.

OnlyDaughter is waiting on her baby which is due March 5th.  She's feeling very heavy-with-child just now.  We're waiting for the phone call that tells us it's time to pick up the children when Mama goes into labor.  There's a family contest, guessing what sex the baby will be and on what day he/she will be born.  I guessed February 28th, boy.  Hubby thought it would be ok if the baby was born on his birthday, but we're running out of time for that at 10:00 pm just now.  It would have to come fast!

Hoping all is well with you.  Thank you for stopping by.


  1. I've enjoyed reading about your husband's birthday and family celebration supper, Jody. The pineapple upside-down cake looks delicious! I hope the busy lambing season goes well. You must be tired looking after the little lamb, but it's good it survived and then you'll be able to find a substitute mother carer. Looking forward to news about your daughter now that her time is near.

  2. I LOVE breakfast for supper! :-) My favorite. You've sure got exciting things going on! I love those bum lambs - growing up we would bring them in the house by the fireplace the first couple nights! And we loved giving them their bottle! But they can sure because a nuisance huh? Hopefully you can find it a Momma! Exciting for you that you have a new grand-baby coming soon! Have you made a quilt for it yet? I love your quilts! - Dori -

  3. What a nice day and what a great way to celebrate. I was wondering about your sheep babies and if they were coming by twos and threes. I love having bummer lambs.
    How cute that you are all wondering when the baby will be here. When I was pregnant with our second daughter, her due date was March 10th. I just joking said, " No she is coming on March 4th because she is going to march forth." She did. Maybe this baby will just march forth too. :) Have a wonderful day

  4. A very happy birthday to your Hubby. Great way to improvise on that cake. I'm sure it was delicious. What fun to be waiting on your new little one!

  5. Happy birthday to your husband. That is one of my favorite cakes. I think it is better with the tidbits. It never seems as moist with the rings. Hope you aren't getting all of the snow today. Good luck with the grandbaby.

  6. Happy birthday to your hubby! I'm waiting for that same call, but I hope my daughter holds out for a couple more weeks. Stay warm out there! :)

  7. My husband asked for the same dessert for his birthday in Jan. I think I like the tidbit pineapples better than the rings...more pineapple and less cutting. Happy Birthday to your fella and best wishes for a quick and safe delivery of your new g-baby.
    Hugs from Texas,

  8. Pineapple Upside Down Cake! Gorgeous!
    Is the baby here yet? Kim's March 4th comment is funny!
    You are always busy with a bum lamb (or 6!) because you are such a mama.
    Sending love your way (from the snowy land TO the snowy land)!

  9. The cake looks yummy! I wonder how your guesses will come out :)

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