Sunday, February 22, 2015

A cool find...

In our trade-town we have a monthly market downtown called Saturdays On State.  (State is the name of the main downtown street).  It's a vintage style market with lots of repurposed furniture, antiques, old west things, Pyrex and even some handmade knitted and crocheted things.  It's a lot of fun and we ranchgirls try to take that one day a month and treat ourselves to a day out shopping and eating lunch out.  This time I scored a really cool 1950s vintage floor lamp.  I spotted it immediately amongst all the other very wonderful stuff, and I just knew I would be taking it home.  The lampshade alone is worth around $60 to $75 on Ebay, but I got the entire lamp for $58.  I felt it was very fair.  It's heavy duty and the fiberglass shade imprinted with feathers looks so fitting in my ranch home.  At least I think so.  


The bug-a-boo in the lamp was the fact that it had this ginormous light bulb in it that I was sure could not be found nowadays.  I asked the seller about it and she said she thought I could replace the entire guts of the lamp.  I knew that could be an option, but I thought I'd try to hunt down the bulbs.  Nope.  Nothing.  When I got home I figured I'd order a kit for the lamp, but then FirstBornSon had a better idea.  He said I should try to find an adapter for it to screw into the socket base where the bulb was screwed in.  I found that my lamp had a "mogul sized base" and I needed a "medium sized base" so I checked on Amazon and sure enough, they had an adapter from mogul to medium for about $5.  Easy fix!  I was thrilled.  I share this with you so that if you ever come across a really wonderful, old lamp that has a huge light socket, buy it, and get yourself a $5 adapter.  Easy to fix!

 Here's my own little quiet corner where I read and drink my coffee each morning, and sit and reflect each evening.  I set the lamp right next to me to provide a little extra light when I need it.  The log is my side table.  Usually my favorite coffee mug sits there.

It has turned cold here again.  We're just 2* tonight.  Pretty cold for little lambies to be born.  Thankfully we have a good barn that is bedded with a heavy layer of straw that insulates against some of the cold.  But tomorrow is a new day, and it sounds like it will warm up and the sun will shine.  We will take as many ewes and lambs out as we can tomorrow.  It's all going pretty well.


  1. When I saw your lamp I right away thought it had just the western tone that would fit your house - and then to see the picture farther down showing its perfect setting! I so admire your reading spot. Soon I must get myself an easy chair something like that. I have a Mission style rocker I like, but it pulls my hair! That is NOT friendly.

  2. I love your lamp! I like that shade too. I think that sounds like a fun thing to go do every month. I know when my daughter and I did it this last week, we sure had a nice time getting away. I like your chair and your place. It is so nice to have a place like that.
    I hope you have a lovely week.

  3. It's really, really neat Jodi! I love old lamps!


  4. It's perfect for your quiet sipping spot! I think finding a deal is so gratifying.

  5. That lamp is cool. Glad you spotted it! Brrr....stay cozy and warm!

  6. That's really a marvelous lamp, Jody -- gorgeous! It looks great. I LOVE the shade, and getting the entire lamp for that price is outstanding! I had a shade a bit like that for about 10 years, but finally it got dilapidated and fell apart :( Yours looks sturdy.

  7. I agree great find. Enjoy!! Clarice


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