Saturday, January 03, 2015

A January day...

Yesterday morning we read the sky:
Red sky at morning shepherds take warning!
The weatherman predicted a snowy, cold day or two to come.

Hubs and I took Peach and Toodles out feeding livestock this morning after breakfast.  Along the way we saw a pair of Bald Eagles in the trees near our sheep barn.  They were there last year too.  I guess they've come back to hunt jackrabbits on the prairie again this winter.

 The cows were glad to see us on this bitter cold day.

FirstbornSon fed hay with the tractor while we fed alfalfa cake on the ground.

The sheep were happy to see us and came running from a distance.  They are extra woolly right now.  It looks like some of the ewes are in heat -- there's a buck jumping up to do his job.  Most of the ewes were bred to lamb in February, and then we turned the bucks in again on December 24th to clean up what didn't catch.  The ewes bred now will not have lambs until May.  To me, that's a much more reasonable time for baby lambs. 

Hubs and I got new smartphones a couple days ago.  We are learning how to work them.  Thankfully our daughter and her husband helped us out one morning, and I think even they learned a thing or two.  They guys skyped each other which neither had done from their phones before.  We added files from our cow records to the phone so data could be recorded that way.  I added a Bible app to my phone in case I'm ever in a place where I'm waiting and want to read.  Otherwise, I really do prefer a book in my hands. To be perfectly honest, I like life without a smart phone just fine, but I know I'll need to keep abreast of technology. 

We'll stay indoors for the rest of the day until it's time for evening chores. I'm glad for a warm house and hot mugs of coffee and tea.  Now I'm going to go start a fire and put the kettle on.  I can't seem to get warm today.

A  happy January day to you.


  1. I love reading about your prairie life! Have a happy New Year.

  2. Ahh Smart phones once you learn to deal with them they are pretty handy. You are ahead of me already downloading what you have! Love the picture in my head of those sheep come running! Stay warm.

  3. That sunrise is astounding! I put it in my screensaver Art folder with the title "Jody's January Sunrise 15." It's been cold here and so far we've had three no-burn days in a row, so I'm adding extra layers under my flannel shirt.

  4. That is so pretty, that sunrise. It looks like the whole sky is on fire.
    It sounds nice, I think I would love to see bald eagles like that. We always started calving in Feb/ March/April and lambing in May. I never got warm. I lived in my rubber boots too. I do miss it still.
    I like seeing how wooly your sheep are, they are ready for that cold the weatherman is talking about. Stay warm.

  5. Always so beautiful Ohh you will love your smart phone and not want to go back!! Clarice

  6. Hi Jody! Brrrrrrrr! It's cold here, too. So will there be a winter lambing at all? Oh, I see. YES. Half and half, maybe?
    Yay for a new phone. I'll email you my number so we can text, sending photos and prayers!

  7. I think the cold will reach us tonight. It is suppose to be below zero almost every night this week. Dan and I delivered furniture today so that we would not be doing it in the bitter cold this week. Only 4 more pieces to deliver and we will be done for now! Dianntha

  8. A very beautiful day and such a gorgeous sky. Those eagles! That is a very cool sight. Happy New Year!

  9. I'm coming along with my smart phone ... a little. But it keeps beeping at me! Hubby is trying to figure it all out.
    We had red skies this morning too, and today was warm and damp -- 73 º, but cold weather is coming for tomorrow. By cold, I don't think I mean your definition of the word! :) Stay warm.

  10. What a beautiful sunrise. And those Bald Eagles are amazing! We have hawks around here, but no eagles in the neighborhood. A hawk followed me and Travis the other day on our walk, flying from tree to tree. I wondered if he thought Travis would make for a good lunch?


  11. Brrrr. The cold weather has hit here too -- just this morning. How lucky those animals are to have you and your family to be sure they eat and keep their energy up for the cold. Thanks for sharing a beautiful winter's day!

  12. Sometimes it is hard to warm up once you get chilled to the bone. I hope your tea is doing the trick. So far I've avoided smart phones. I can see how they might be handy but I have my suspicions that one day all of this technology will go kerflop and then those of us with paper records will have the last laugh! :D

  13. The smart phone has not been as challenging as I thought it would be, but now I see why people are so connected and glued to their phones. I just don't want to do that..... AT ALL. Honestly, I could do without it just fine. I prefer a real keyboard to a tiny little phone pad. I'm old enough to have paper records of just about everything for our business.


  15. I just love reading about your life! And I KNOW how you can get so chilled to the bone that it is hard to warm up. Tea and coffee sure help! Our weather has been dry and mild. We really need some cold and moisture right's looking like a drought year. Our son's cows are due to start calving in a couple of weeks. We AI, and it s fun to see all of his research and hard work on genetics pay off :). I think it's my favorite part of the whole operation!


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