Monday, September 29, 2014

Mending li'l jeans...

 I am having too much fun!

 I love denim.
And I have always been a mender of jeans.
Lots of jeans.
Living with five kids and working
on a ranch
 along with a husband who works hard, 
jeans ripped 
and tore
and wore out.
I have mended innumerable jeans
(meaning I have never numbered them and wish I had).

 When I was in seventh grade,
 I started embroidering...
on my jeans. 
I drew on my jeans with a ballpoint pen during class
and went home and embroidered them at night.
I wish I still had those jeans.

 Now I feel like I'm re-living seventh grade.
OnlyDaughter brought me four pair of li'l girl jeans
to mend.
And this is what I have been doing in my spare time.
Love it!

 Soon I will go next door and grab the other little jeans
that belong to more of my little people
and stitch on them too.

Won't that be fun?
Yes, it will!


  1. Seriously sweet and serves such a good purpose, too. I wish you had those jeans, too, because I would love to see them. I imagine mending little girl jeans is more fun that big boy jeans. :)

  2. So fun! Adorable, too! You're a hip granny!

  3. Too fun! I shall be a copy cat and do that to a pair that do not even need mending.

    1. Nancy,
      As you may have noticed, a couple legs didn't need patching, but they were wearing thin so I went ahead and patched them anyway and left a little embroidery on top. I do think it would be cute to embroider on a pair of new jeans -- an embellishment!

  4. Really clever. It took me a while to work out how you attached the patch. You opened one side seam a bit, didn't you? I had never considered putting the patch on the inside. Such heavy clothing is not usually worn here.

    1. Yes, you are right. I open the side seam of the jeans and then pin a denim patch on the inside. I sewed around it and then did my embroidery before closing up the seam. You could also use a fabric of a different color as I did on one pair of jeans so the cute fabric is peeking through the hole. I have always patched on top of rips and holes using the same method, but I thought it was fun to accentuate the little rip with the embroidery. Thank you for stopping, Louise.

  5. Now those are wonderful mends and patches! So much fun...

  6. I haven't done that kind of thing for a LONG time! But I can think of a little cowgirl who probably is starting to get holes in her jeans....Your ideas are inspiring!

  7. I love those jeans so much. I did work shirts. I wish I had those too.
    I think they are fantastic. I have a pair that were my daughters that I have kept. I need to find them and take a picture.
    I think it adds so much to those jeans, I am sure the kids will love them. You do such nice embroidery stitches.

  8. Such a fun and useful thing to do; beautiful work!

  9. I love the jeans! I used to draw on my jeans, but I never had the great idea to embroider over my drawings.

    I'm curious about how well the stitches hold up after multiple washings.

    Happy October!


  10. Love. Love. Love these, Jody. I might rip a pair of jeans just so I can mend them. hahaha. Lucky girls get to wear these beauties.

  11. Those are precious!
    You could sell those!
    Do you have a Market Days nearby?

    Enjoyed visiting, and I am a new follower.

    White Spray Paint

  12. With all those years of practice, you must be blazing fast! I LOVE the flowers and the dots that look like stars :) Beautiful -- I hope your little grands will remember. Maybe someone will later cut out the patches, and use THEM altogether in something!

  13. I rarely wear jeans but if I had ones embroidered like those, I would wear them more often. Very sweet. Clarice

  14. Just what I was looking for! Nicely done!!


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