Thursday, January 09, 2014

Snowshoeing: yesterday & today....

 Yesterday we had heavy fog and hoar frost.  I went feeding and had a tough time finding cows in the fog.  When I got stuck with my 4-wheel drive out of commission, Hubby had a hard time finding me, but all's well that ends well.  My afternoon walk in the woods was very pretty with the frost clinging thick on the branches.  The jackrabbits were out and the dogs were giving them chase.

 Do you see the two jackrabbits in the fog?

 Today we have clear blue skies and bright sunshine that makes my eyes tear up and squinty.  I walked through another shelter belt that had what were like moggles on a downhill ski slope --all naturally created by the wind and snow.  It was challenging and yet fun to walk over them.   A few times I slipped and sort of skied down.

I caught up with the grandgirls who were sledding on a hill nearby and they insisted on going on "an adventure" with me in The Woods.  First we had to trudge through deep snow that gave way under my snowshoes, and since they didn't have any snowshoes, they had to walk behind me in my tracks.  There was a lot of falling down and humphing before we got out of the soft deep snow to the woods where we could walk on top of the hard snow and not have it cave in underfoot.  Then there were lots of smiles and romping.

The thermometer has risen to 40* here today and feels like spring!  Those of you who are experiencing the Arctic Vortex (I think that's a fun name for it) do not be dismayed --  good, warm days are on the way!   I'm expecting my new snow/hiking boots today so I'll give you a review on them after I have worn them few times in the snow and with the snowshoes.  Stay tuned!

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.  ~John Ruskin


  1. So glad you're safe Jody. I think I need some snowshoes. I've shoveled out the drive 3 times today and it's coming down like crazy. We got 8 inches yesterday and I think we'll have another 12" today. Two more days of snowstorms and then we get a break. Stay safe.

  2. You're a go-getter, Jody! I love the jack rabbit photo.

  3. Sounds like an adventure. Your comment about the girls following you reminds me of when Ella was a tiny puppy. She would jump from track to track. It was so cute! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the weather.

  4. I can only imagine the little girls walking behind your steps - I do bet there was a lot of tumbling down. That is hard trucking for tiny legs. Isn't the hoar frost beautiful? One of my favorite things about winter. We have had temps drop this past week to minus 49F --- but I think next week we are supposed to see above zero. What the heck? Arctic Vortex? this is just winter. :)

    Oh, and how cool you caught a jackrabbit on camera. So cool in his winter camo - remarkable.

  5. You and Ruskin are kindred spirits, methinks!

  6. Love the rabbits! I'm so glad you didn't get lost in the mist. It is wonderful to get out in all kinds of weather, but there's something about a good, snowy walk that's especially exhilarating (if you're dressed for it!).


  7. What fun! I want to live with you LOL! We have your fog today, although, not the frost. We're warming up too, and it makes me sad. We rarely get this much snow and it's been so beautiful all week -- now it's set to rain all weekend and it will probably all melt. I want us to have a big snow that will stick around all winter -- guess I should move to Alaska LOL!

  8. I do like your John Ruskin quote Jody, me thinks it needs to become my motto in England ;)
    What fun you must have had with the girls, I can just visualise the three of you struggling through the snow then romping about. We had sunshine today with quite a bit of blue sky, thankfully we haven't been affected by the flooding.
    The photos are lovely and caused me to imagine walking there with you x

  9. We had your fog and 40 degrees this week, but no snow to adventure through. It's amazing how warm 40 degrees can feel:)

  10. Gosh it is sooo beautiful where you live. You are very blessed xox Clarice


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