Friday, January 31, 2014

Art Break: Philip Andreyevich Maliavin

I adore this photo called "Laughing Woman."
 I do the same thing when I laugh so big and hard that
 my lip curls up in a funny way, and I cover my mouth too.

Yes it is!  The colors, the colors excite me.

"Peasant Women"
The depth of color, the faces, wondering 
 where they are and what they are doing.

I hope you enjoyed an art break with the featured artist, Philip Andreyevich Maliavin (1869-1940)  from Russia.  More of his art can be found at It's About Time.  I'm thinking about Russia and the Winter Olympics coming up soon.  I love watching winter sports, and I'm so looking forward to seeing the culture, and people around Sochi.  The best part is I get to watch through the TV, sitting comfortably on my couch with a bowl of popcorn.  Will you be watching the Winter Olympics?
  What are your favorite events?
I like so many.  
To name a few: bobsledding, figure skating, hockey, ski shooting (biathlon).


  1. Love the art from Russia. The colors are great. Yes...I'll be watching and hoping to see some culture...

  2. Wonderful paintings, especially the laughing woman. I love the Winter Olympics and will be watching for many hours.


  3. Yes, I will be cheering for the Broncos! Yay! I love the ice skating.

  4. Love the reds! It is fun to look at new artists and see the world through their eyes.

  5. Looking forward to the figure skating the most, but as a girl from the South currently living in the tropics, just the thought of Winter Olympics makes me super happy!

  6. The colors are fantastic. I like all of those things too and always wish I lived somewhere to do them as well.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  7. That looks like a real belly laugh ;) Such vibrant colours capturing real depth. We'll be watching from the comfort of our lounge too:

  8. I really like that last piece -- all the red, and the expressions on their faces. I also enjoy the winter olympics. I love the figure skating, but the bob sledding also. and the ski jumping. We don't have TV so we will probably need to find a way to watch events online.


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