Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I've been doing....

Be Careful....

We're still out in the fields making hay while the sun shines, and boy, does it shine!  Our temps are climbing into the 90s and 100s which makes for good hay-drying weather.  Sometimes the men have to bale at night so the moisture content of the hay is just right.

 This is an old John Deere 2520 which was purchased brand new back in the 1970s before I arrive here on the ranch.  It's old, but it runs like a charm.

 A view over the top of the tractor.

 An here's a view from behind me.  The rake wheels spin the hay into the center where the hay can dry and it makes a nice windrow for the baler to go over.  So far, we've made about 2014 big round bales, and there are more to be made.  See the rake in action HERE.

Front of my latest baby quilt.

I've finally finished Rootie-Tootie's baby quilt.  She's only just turned 7 months old so she's crawling off her blankies already, but hopefully she'll still enjoy her own especial blankie from her Gram.

Here's the back with an R and a few posies in the corners.
There are other things that I've been up to, but these are the latest projects.

Look what my Sweetie gave me this morning.  
I woke up to this song and these fresh-picked, happy sunflowers!
Do you know the song?


  1. What a pretty bouquet! Even though I don't recognize the song, I like it! There's just something so classic about that music. Your quilt is so lovely! I adore the red and turquoise combination and the back, it's as pretty as the front. The wheat is coming off here. They just started yesterday. Tonight we had a thunderstorm roll through a temporary relief from the humidity. We too have temps soaring into the 90's, but we have humidity that goes with it and starts to make us all just a little grumpy. Even our pool feels like a hot tub these days. I hope the sunshine continues for you! There's nothing sadder than seeing hay molding in the fields because it's too damp to bale.


  2. Now that's a waking up song for sure. Love the sunflower bouquet. The baby quilt is very cool and what a special gift from gram! Hope the hay dries well...that's a lot of hay!

  3. Good morning, Jody! I love seeing your farm life IN ACTION! :) Glad you're having good weather for your haying. Keep safe!

  4. That brings back memories of helping my dad when I lived at home. So sweet! Dianntha

  5. John Deeres are like that -- good and reliable! I often wonder if the new ones are as good -- I certainly don't think they are in lawn mowers. Too bad you couldn't stop at 2013 bales of hay -- you know...2013 in 2013 LOL.

    Love your cute new quilt -- lucky little R!

  6. What beautiful flowers and the baby quilts are adorable.......wish I could sew! Wow! That's a lot of
    hay and a lot of work, and fascinating...I have never
    ridden on a tractor or seen hay to watch
    and learn!

  7. I love summer and harvest. I didn't know hay had to have a certain moisture content to bale until a company in our city was highlighted on the radio for a product that they invented that hooks to hay cutters (?)is that the term that puts out the proper amount of moisture needed. Fascinating for a city girl. And I hadn't hear Sunflower for 40 years. We are of an age, you and I.

  8. What a cheery post, Jody! And such an adorable quilt! Love the colors you chose and the way you have of always doing something sweet and special to the backside.
    It sounds like you are getting more "texas-like" weather than Texas is. It is cloudy, rainy and fairly cool (for us) right now and has been off and on for a week. Just when I think summer has finally arrived it flits off again. I'm not complaining...just not sure what to make of it.

  9. I love seeing how another farm wife helps in the fields. I'm much older than you, but still rake hay; I seem to tire more quickly this year though. It has been so dry here we were afraid to cut and bale for fear of starting a fire. But after a brief shower this week, our son-in-law cut a field and then we went the next morning and baled before it dried out too much. I think we've put up around 800 round bales, but of course we don't have as many cattle as you.

    People tell me I don't look my age; maybe keeping active does that to a person.

  10. I used to drive a tractor a little just to move the trailer down the rows of lemon trees so it would stay near us while we picked and dumped our lemons in the boxes. It was really fun for a 12-yr-old girl.

    I don't remember hearing "Sunflower" before but as an accompaniment to a bouquet of the same, I would be charmed!!

  11. First, the baby quilts are wonderful. Second, the sunflowers are beautiful and I had forgotten that song. Last of all, could you bottle up the smell of your freshly mown hay and send it to me. I so miss the fragrance. It is better than any candle or perfume.

  12. I enjoy reading your blog soooooo much! It amazes me how much we are alike. I am married to a farmer/rancher....I, like you, work right along with my husband...I enjoy creating.....I wear Birkenstocks on the tractor just like you :) those Colorado peaches....enjoy the simple joys every day....I could go on and on....thank you for sharing Jodi! Blessings to you from Kansas!! Gail

  13. I swear is there nothing you cannot do? Beautiful quilt!! I am sure Rootie-Tootie loves it!! xox Clarice


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