Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday drive....

There is not a day that goes by here on the ranch, not even a Sunday, when there aren't a few chores to do.  I try to keep Sunday a quiet, restful day, but that doesn't mean stuff doesn't happen just because it's Sunday.  Even Jesus said, "If one of you has a son or an ox that falls into a pit, would you not pull it out on a Sabbath Day? (Luke 14).  We didn't have any ox fall into a pit today, but as I checked the cow bunches and bulls, I did find a couple cows with hoof rot which is very painful and can really make a cow sick.  I radio'd Hubs and he came out to the pasture with the dart gun and medicated both of them for me.

 The rest of the morning was fairly uneventful.  I so enjoyed driving out amongst the cattle that it didn't feel like I was doing chores at all.  I brought my camera along and snapped a few photos of the range and all that's in it.  First off -- cows, calves, and the bulls that are in their breeding bunches.

Also living amongst the cattle are the Brown-headed Cowbirds.  They feed off the grass seeds and bugs  the cattle stir up as they walk.  Did you know that cowbirds lay their eggs in other birds' nests?  They don't raise their own babies.  They are called parasite brooders.

The flies must have had a new hatch because they are thick out there.  The poor cows and calves and bulls are fighting them off like mad.  Some resort to wading in the reservoirs when they can't stand it anymore.  Sounds refreshing to me on these 90 degree days.

 I drove through the low spots where the grass was greener and the flowers were abundant.  These flowers (below) are Upright Prairie Coneflower or Mexican Hat (Ratibida columnifera).  I love them and  have some growing in my flower beds.

The blue flower (below) is an invasive weed, but gosh, isn't it a pretty one?  It's called Blue Lettuce (Lactuca tatarica).  It can be found along roadsides and dry areas.  If you break the stem, it has a milky sap.

The haying continues, but today the hay dried out too much so it will have to be baled in the evening when it cools down and the moisture and humidity rises.  When the hay is too dry it's easy to knock off all the leaves and seed heads, and the bales end up with mostly stems.

Hubby's dad is in the hospital -- quite ill and likely due to getting old as much as anything.  The engine parts start to break down.  His doctor said he's got a broken distributor cap.   He's at the hospital which is a couple hours away so we have our work days at home and days to go visit him in between.

This afternoon I stirred up a batch of bread and set it out on the front porch to rise in the 92 degree sun. I was reading an eye-opening article here about how un-healthy vegetable oils are for you, and I thought about all the processed breads and crackers and things that we eat that are made with vegetable oils.  It spurred me to make some homemade bread.  At least I can pronounce the ingredients in my own bread:  rye flour, wheat flour, white flour, honey, butter, water, salt.  Hooray for real, simple food:  butter, lard, and bacon fat!  How is your Sunday going?


  1. Wonderful images from the ranch! Today is a quiet, slow, plugging along and eating comfort food kind of day...

  2. Beautiful Sunday drive ♥ our SONday started out with 2 hiefers on the them in, only 30 minutes late for church :) Blessings to you from Kansas! Gail

  3. Love seeing the birds and the flowers (and the cows!). So sorry about your FIL. I hope he's comfortable and in good spirits.

    My Sunday drive was to an African American Baptist church downtown. Amazing singing and preaching, but between you and me, two hours is a whole lotta church. Still, I felt blessed by my time there. I think I would feel blessed by time in your fields as well.


  4. yes, blessed, that's exactly how i feel after reading your post of ranch life . . . you must feel blessed too.
    thank you for sharing.


    i'm thinking that some home made bread sounds delicious~! a bit of butter and lots of honey . . . yum.

  5. Thanks for linking to Wellness Mama - I hadn't seen that site before. But several years ago when I read about how canola oil is made, it made me sick to think about it and I switched to using olive oil for everything, or butter - but now I use coconut oil, too. I even use all olive oil in the granola and everyone still loves it.

    What a treat it must be when you run across a patch of Mexican Hats! May God be close to your FIL and give you sweet times with him.

  6. A lovely post and very informative, as usual.
    Farming must be a round the clock way of life, but glad that you could enjoy a fairly quiet Sunday. Thanks for the reminder about harmful oils in the diet. I know even olive oil isn't good when heated at high temperatures. I like our organic foods in Italy where we are aware of a good/bad diet and wish we were able to follow such a healthy one in the UK.

  7. I fear we consumed too much vegetable oil when we were kids. Thank the Lord for watching out for us, right?
    Flies. Yikes. I'd take a dip, too!

  8. Hahaha -- butter, lard and bacon fat -- bring 'em on LOL! Another great post -- I love living the prairie life vicariously through you -- you make it so peaceful and beautiful, even though I'm sure there are times when it's not. Take the hay for example -- so much to know about baling! And look at all that adorable curly cow hair -- too cute! (Hey maybe that's why we don't have many cows around here -- in this humidity their hair would curl up so tight it might hurt them LOL!

  9. I like the up close of the cows curly locks. Hoof rot sounds awful. Sounds like a nice Sunday.

  10. Love your sweet pictures! You do such a good job of capturing day to day moments with your lens, thanks for sharing :-)

  11. Ha, well when you said Sunday drive this is not what I was not what I was thinking. But that is the life of a cattleman's wife!! xox Clarice

  12. Great photos. The grass is pretty green for the end of July. The cattle look great. Thanks for sharing.


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