Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring icicles....

 The snowstorm came and deposited a nice inch or so of wet snow on our land.  The air smells fresh and clean and a little wettish.  Now it's back to cold, but we did get a little melting around noon today.  I spotted some dripping icicles on the way to feed Bette. 

 I had a little girl helper with me today.  Miss Bee trailed behind me to the open shed where Bette lives with another couple of cows and a calf.  Even though she is crippled, Bette moos and runs to me when she hears the barn door slide open.

Bee was a little bit shy about Bette because Bette is so open and forceful in her love-giving.  She immediately rubs and sucks on us the minute we open the door.  I got the bottle shoved in her mouth and Bee helped me hold on to it while Bette sucked so hard and fast she had her bottle finished off in a couple minutes.

I actually SAW the meadowlarks today even though I have been hearing their sweet song for a few days.  The Canada Geese are constantly honking in the pastures.  You can hear them from a long way off, it seems.

I wanted to share something that looks very delicious and Easter-y to me.  It's called a Smorgastarta which is a savory Swedish sandwich cake.  There are three layers of bread with meat spreads thin sliced meats and/or veggies in between.  You make the smorgastarta the day before you want to eat it so everything has a chance to meld together and then you "frost" it and add your fresh decorations like hard-boiled eggs, sliced veggies and such.  I remember reading a book one time about a family who had a layered sandwich similar to this one every Sunday.  Since it was a make-ahead meal, it worked well for Sundays so that the lady-of-the-house could rest from her cooking chores.  I remember the recipe mentioned a layer of egg salad, sliced ham, thin roast beef, cheese, and veggies.  Each layer had a little mayonnaise that kept it glued together.  This link will give you loads of smorgastarta ideas.  Wouldn't these be fun to make for parties or luncheons?


  1. I got cold reading about your icicles. It got cold here, too, but no snow, thankgoodness. Bette is adorable and so is Bee. Are you going to make the sandwich cake? If you do I want to see!

  2. The sandwich cake looks VERY good! The cucumbers make my mouth water!
    What a hungry calf! Darling!
    We have piles of frozen snow. Sigh.
    Must put boots on. Must fill bird feeders!

  3. That is a super cool sandwich. I love seeing the little bumm calf. Mom and Dad had many bumm calves that stayed in the herd because us kids wouldn't let them be sold.

  4. The crock pot is usually my Sunday lunch helper, but the sandwich cake looks like it would be a perfect fit for our family! Must go show eldest daughter...

  5. Oh Karen, Bette breaks my heart although she's got a great chance with you being her steward. When they run to nuzzle and rub, you know they aren't getting the physical stimulation from their cow mother. I always spent way too much time with my lambs and foals...wanted them to feel *loved* and Dave said if they didn't, it was through no fault of my own -grin-.

  6. Your little calfie is adorable!! And boyo, would I ever eat a slice of that yummy cake :)

  7. Impressive icicles. Loved seeing Miss Bee in pink helping you with the feeding of Bette. That sandwich would really be fun to serve...

  8. Awwww, Bette was hungry! Such a cute little picture with Bette and Bee. That sandwich cake looks divine -- I've never heard of one. You're always an education LOL! I love your icicles too -- it's snowing here this morning -- I love it!

  9. That does look absolutley delicious.

    What an idea a sandwich cake.

    As a Brit you know we love our sandwiches. Especially Tea sandwiches.

    Lil Bit Brit

  10. I had one of those at a church lunch once. It was wonderful. I hope it has warmed up some. Your baby calf is so pretty.
    I bet it is nice there.
    I heard meadowlarks way before I saw them this spring. I always love the sound. It all looks very pretty.

  11. I love Bette's pink nose!

    I'm totally unfamiliar with the sandwich cake concept, but I must say that one looks delicious. I hope you'll make one and give us a report!



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