Friday, March 15, 2013

Bette Davis Eyes...

Isn't she lovely?  
My new bottle baby is named
Bette Davis because she's got Bette Davis eyes.
Well......don'tcha think?

When Bette's mama was birthing, she went down when Bette was halfway out and basically, her mama sat on her.  Now Bette's hind quarters and legs are stifled from the injury.  She has some trouble walking, but she's getting better every single day.  She has now become my bottle baby because her cow-mama didn't want anything to do with her.  Who knows why?  We think it might be a hormonal thing because she didn't seem to have any mothering sense and not any milk either.  

 Look at these lashes.  
Some of the lashes are longer than cat whiskers.

 She has one white eye and one eye with a red patch.  Her lashes match her hair color on each eye except for the long ones on the red eye.  I feed Bette a bottle 3 times a day and when she's done, I rub her and scratch her and tell her what a good girl calfie she is.  She follows me around the corral a little, just like the other calvies do with their mamas.

These are the newest babies who are spending a day or two in Bette's corral.  The mamas talk to Bette and to their own calves.  I'm so glad she has other calvies to play with sometimes.  This bunch will be moved out tomorrow and the newest mamas and babies will join Bette.

On another note, we docked the majority of our lambs yesterday.
Stats:  98 ewes, 177 lambs total:  87 ewe lambs, 90 wethers.
Approximately 181% lamb crop from this bunch.


I heard the first Killdeer call two days ago, and the first song of the Western Meadowlark  was sung this morning when I walked to the barn to feed Bette.  The Red-winged Blackbirds are conk-la-ree-ing in the Big Cottonwoods by our house too.  I love it when the birds and the birdsong returns.  (If you want to hear the bird calls, click each link and scroll down to "typical voice."


  1. Thank you for the killdeer and meadowlark song. I so miss them. What a great return on your sheep! Love those Bette Davis eyes.

  2. Thanks for the links! That was fun to hear. But I woke Julia up with them. She just stumbled into my room and asked if there were some large birds in the house -- haha!

  3. Aww, sweet Bette. Thank goodness she has you to nurture her. xx

  4. Bette is very cute! You are so sweet to her!
    You reminded me that I forgot to buy birdseed! Today!
    Yay for the lamb numbers!

  5. Bette is adorable! We have a Mama cow who tends to just lay on her calves, too. Last year, we lost a little bull calf after she sat on him. She is a great Mama otherwise...I can't figure out why they do that. Glad Bette made it and is thriving :).

  6. Glad Bette has such good care. Goodness. I know I am not cut out for your life. Last night Squeak was acting all funny, flopping around and it looked like her wing was hurt. I freaked. I'm hollering to my sweet husband, "Catch her." Which he does. :) I would not be a good nurse (but I did get me a good husband). Squeak is fine...not sure what her problem was. Since they ducks play in the street I worry about them getting hit by cars. You are my hero. :)

  7. I had forgotten how very beautiful Betty Davis was.

    Beautiful baby !!!

  8. Bette is beautiful Jody, I couldn't help humming Stevie Wonders " Isn't she lovely.." when I saw her.
    So pleased about your lamb stats, a bit beyond me but sounded very impresive ;);It was interesting listening to the bird song around your parts, thanks. I also love it when the birdsong becomes more pronounced at this time. The blackbirds and robins do most of the singing, but I'm listening for more. x

  9. Love your sense of humor in naming Bette :-)

  10. It sounds busy around your parts, J! Bette's eyelashes are something. Wonder how she'd look with a little mascara?


  11. Awwww, poor, sweet little Bette. When they all get moved, will she still continue to drink from the bottle, or are they eating big cow food by then?

  12. Glad Bette is receiving your good care after such a bad start in life. You certainly have been working hard lately. You have such colourful birds in your part of the world and it must be good to hear their song.

  13. Bette is beautiful! I'm glad you're there to take care of her. If you have the meadowlarks, the killdeer, and the red-wings, the robins must not be far behind now! I still haven't heard the killdeer here, but we have lots of robins and red-wings.



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