Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back home on the range...

 From the Valley of the Sun to Home on the Range...

The weather was perfect, the golf was good, the company was lovely, warm, and inviting, and a good time was had by all.  Hubs took in a couple rounds of golf with J, and we watched our son play tournament college golf for two days.  We walked a mostly-green golf course under sunny skies, caught some rays, and took home sun tans. It was great!

Our son took 7th place in a field of 54 competitors and was just 4 strokes behind the first place golfer.  He was not thrilled with his rounds, but he is back to work practicing for up-coming tournaments.  For me, it was just good to watch him play and to give and get hugs.

We enjoyed good visits with our friends, conversing late into the evening and eating delicious foods and desserts made by my foodie-friend, K.  She also treated me to a fun thrift store outing along with lunch at a fine restaurant called Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale.  We shared both signature dishes that are featured in the link -- Stetson Chopped Salad and Exotic Mushroom Pan Fry.  Unforgettable.  Stay tuned for recipe ideas that I have in my head, inspired by Cowboy Ciao.

We had perfect weather for driving home.  We flew down and drove back with our CarpenterSon's new-used Chevy truck from AZ to SD.  The truck drove like a dream, the road conditions were perfect, and it was an interesting first-time drive for us making our way through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota and finally home to Montana.  I knew that New Mexico and Colorado had drought this past year and even before that, but I had no idea how bad it was.  There was no grass, I mean NO grass in the pastures where we drove.  I thought we had had a drought this past year (we did), but we look like lush paradise in comparison to NM and southern CO.  We saw very few cattle out there and those few we did see were being fed hay or were in feedlots.  

I almost forgot one more favorite eatery recommended by K -- the Range Cafe in Bernalillo, NM.  Can you see the cows sitting on the awning?  We enjoyed a delicious lunch here.  If you're ever driving through Albuquerque on your way north, be sure to stop by for some good eats!

Back home on the range, there was a set of twins that were born on February 7th.  This mother ewe actually started out with triplets, but the one was small and sickly and died shortly after birth.  Since Friday, we've had two more sets of twins.  The weather has changed from mild to cold and windy.  Today's high is 24* with winds gusting to 40 mph and occasional snow.  Needless to say, the ewes are locked in the  lot near the barn where they can go in and out and where we can keep a close watch on them.

It was a great little get-away for us, and we feel blessed and re-energized, but as always, there's no place like home and sleeping in your own comfy bed. 


  1. Arizona is just beautiful. I love it this time of year. That makes me sad to hear about NM and Colo. I love both places. I bet it was pretty driving back.
    It is lambing time isn't it? We always had lambs this time of year when I was a girl. I sat in the barn and wrote letters to my then boyfriend who was away at college.
    We still talk about how romantic it was walking the fields in the cold and the rain and never feeling it. :)
    Glad you had a nice time and glad you are back.

  2. It is dry around here! I am wishing for many SNOW DAYS before spring break!
    I'm glad you had fun and I am happy that the hoppy skippy lambs are arriving!
    I'm glad you got some sun!

  3. what a fabulous trip...SUN SHINE!!! it's been a while since I've seen sun shine. glad you had a safe trip; welcome home.

  4. Welcome home Miss Lily. I thought of you soaking up that Vitamin D and praying that your travels and visits would be wonderful. Sounds like all the senses were satisfied.


  5. Glad you made it home before the storm. I needed to see some green grass. Glad you had a good time with your family. I do agree that there is no place like home. Stay warm and cozy. Good luck with lambing.

  6. Glad you had a good time away. I'm looking forward to seeing some recipe ideas inspired by Cowboy Ciao. It's always good to get back home again. I hope the lambing goes well.

  7. Wait a minute. Whatddya mean Montana??? I thought you were in South Dakota. Are you sure??? Did you get lost on the way home??? ;-P

    I love a good road trip -- I wish I'd been with you, I'll bet you had fun. Also...Sheepie Alert!!! I love late winter/early spring on your blog!!! ;-D

  8. What a fun trip and your son did so well!! I am excited to hear about your recipes. I is so great to get away and rejuvenate, but there is no place like home:).

    Stay warm! It has been beautiful in our neck of the woods:).


  9. I would have love to have made the drive home with you! My dream is to some day drive across country on back roads. Have never been that far west, and am sad to hear about the drought conditions being so bad.

    Glad your son had such a good tournament! And that you got some nice, warm weather. We could use some sun around here!


  10. So glad you had a good time away with good company and good eats! Congrats to your son. I'm glad the drive home was a good one instead of treacherous because of weather. The little lambs are so cute!

  11. Jody so glad you got to get away! Yeah for good trips.
    That part of the country NM, and Colorado have been hit hard...thus DH took the job in the oil field the future does not look to good for ranching.


  12. Welcome back! Glad you guys had such a great time. Did you find anything good at the thrift store? And those little lambs are so sweet.


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