Monday, February 18, 2013

A ray of light...

Up at the sheep barn I was caught off guard when I casually walked through a beam of light shining through a hole in the tin.  It was weird -- kind of like being shot without feeling it, but knowing *something* happened.  I stepped back and felt for my pocket camera and snapped a picture.  Just a cool thing.

Today I rode to town with hubby for some supplies.  He's going to build a feed bunk for the ewes with triplets.  We're going to try to feed them extra so that they can raise their own triplets instead of bumming them.  We'll see how that goes.  It's sometimes hard for a ewe to raise three lambs when there are only two spigots.

While Hubs was running errands, OnlyDaughter, her two Littles, and I went thrifting.  We found childrens clothes for the girls, and I found some fun dishes.  For six bucks I got 4 plates, 4 salad plates, 2 cups, 2 saucers, a sugar bowl with lid and creamer.  OnlyDaughter took a couple plates for her plate wall and I took home the rest. 

 After washing up the dishes, I decided I really liked them.  Initially the sugar bowl and creamer caught my eye, but now the rest of the dishes are growing on me.  After supper I decided to go looking for the brand online:  Taylor Smith Taylor Ironstone, USA.  I found that this style is a collectable  made in the 50s and 60s.  Now that I have these few pieces, I'm going to keep my eyes open for others.  I like this retro look and shape.

 Mint by Taylor Smith & Taylor Ironstone

There is another style that is popular in the Taylor Smith & Taylor line called Atomic and a similar pattern called Cathay that looks like the dishes below.  Again, another very retro look that I think is fun.  I'm going to keep a sharp eye out for this style too.  I love thrift shops, and how much bang I can get from a buck.  It's like the barn -- a beam of light shines onto old, forgotten things, and I see them in a different light.

Atomic by Smith Taylor & Smith


  1. I adore thrift shops.I don't mind used...or gently worn at all. Makes me feel wonderful saving that money and gettig things that are unique and cool.

    Isn't it funny how something like your light beam can make you take notice and brighten up your day.


  2. GREAT finds, Jody! That creamer is a winner -- love the shape. They're all nice. I've seen that "atomic" patterns around in shops. I think that company's work will come back definitely, very nice!

  3. My granny had bottom dishes. FUN! I love the cream and sugar set. Bill just scolded me for having too much junk, so before I do any more thrifting, I have to weed out the basement closet.
    I hope the feeding solution works for the triples.

  4. ...the bottom dishes, I meant. Bad proofreader here.

  5. Looks like you had a great time. Your beam of light picture is beautiful!

  6. I love your dishes! I'm in search of dishes myself, but haven't found anything as cool as yours. Great find!


  7. So so glad you carry that camera in your pocket! Great ray of light and love your thrift finds!

  8. Your beam of light photo is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Don't you just love it when God stops us and opens our eyes to see yet another one of His marvels that echoes His own beauty?

  9. That was a special moment when you walked through that beam of light and a wonderful capture to share with us. I do love the shape of the retro pottery home ware, especially the plainly-coloured ones. I have a stoneware sandwich plate that is very similar to yours with an Autumn leaf pattern from a well-known pottery in Dorset, UK.
    Hope the lambing is going well.

  10. That beam of light is lovely - I'm always on the lookout for shots like that.

    A sweet set of dishes - very fresh and spring-like! Good buy!

  11. We had a pin-prick hole in our tin roof in the village, so my kids used it to track the movement of the sun during the 2 hours it shone down inside the house. Fascinating how much the path changed from day to day, even eight degrees south of the equator!

  12. Isn't it neat how light can simply catch us off guard? I love thrifting too, but aside from white creamers and the occasional irresistible mug, I won't allow myself to buy any dishes for now. I recognize that second pattern, but from where, I'm not sure.



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