Friday, December 07, 2012

Breaking a trail...

It snowed!  Finally, it has come!  We've been waiting and praying for moisture for so very long and at last it has arrived in the form of snow.  We'll take it!  Just 3-4 inches fell, but it is glorious and wet and beckoned me out for a walk to the mailbox.  The snow fell straight down last night --  just like in the movies.  Then this morning it continued to fall gently and stay calm.  I figured the wind could begin to blow any time, so I took advantage of the moment and broke a trail on the road.  I love to be the first one to walk down a path covered with fresh snow.  I did see a rabbit trail that was snowed over, but otherwise, Sue and I were the first to trek up the road today.

The horses were happy with the new-fallen snow and were out romping and trotting all about the pasture like young foals.  Then they began to roll in the snow!  Snow angels perhaps?  Or maybe it felt more like taking a shower.  See how wet Copper's back is?  They were all soaking wet when I went to pet them.  They thought I had a little cake in my hands to feed them, but all I had to give was my love and a hearty pat around the nose and neck.

 Horses in the snow.  Pretty, isn't it?

The birds were fanatical at the feeders today.  I filled the feeders to the brim and watched from the office window as they cracked sunflower seeds and spit the shells on the ground.   This little fella is a Common Red Poll.  You can see the red blush on his breast, but he also has a red topknot on his head that identifies him.  His wife was here too, but she is plainly clothed and more subdued in color.  

Photo from Cornell "All About Birds"

One of the neighborhood Northern Flickers took a try at eating seeds from the feeder today.  Never mind that he and his friends have dug holes all over my yard eating ants this fall.  Now the holes are covered over with snow so I suppose they are hungry.  I need to set out some suet for all my winter birds.  I'm so delighted they stayed on with us, and I want to reward them with a treat.

Fresh snowfall seems to bring great joy to all creatures.  It's fun to see their footprints everywhere as they, too, break trails into the fresh snow.  It's beginning to look wintry again, and I'm glad for it.  It's a whole new world out there!  What is it like where you live?


  1. It is just beautiful. I love that picture of the horses in the snow. I am glad you got some snow too.

  2. That redpoll photo is perfect! I love old wheels and then to add him on top. I just love it. You also got a stellar photo of the flicker. I have had more flickers this year then ever before. We also got about 3 inches of snow here in the hills.

  3. Beautiful! Love the horses and birds in the snow.

  4. Here is has gotten a smidge cooler but it is unseasonably warm for even Texas and the weather man said MAYBE snow flurries on Monday. Isn't that crazy?

    Your red poll picture would make the prettiest notecards or framed picture. Seriously! It is lovely.

  5. No snow here....just rain and cold.
    Hoping we get more snow here than last year. It messes with the water table when we have the mild winters.
    Lovely photos, as usual....
    D xo

  6. I just adore the idea that the horses have rambunctious, childlike hearts and love to roll in the snow -- for fun! Isn't that delightful? That's a little bit of heaven. No snow here, and probably won't get any this year, but I love seeing your pics and reading your descriptions.

  7. It's so funny how a little snow changes everyone perception on their world. How beautiful! Enjoy!

    Colder and damp here in Western WA but the rain and wind abstained long enough today for us to get our Christmas tree (a White Pine) and enjoy a tree lighting ceremony and fireworks in Port Gamble, a charming old waterfront town. Enjoy the season!

  8. That is one cute Red Poll photo! The other photos are pretty and picturesque, too. Your ranch is picturesque in any season, I think!

    Here it is unusually cold for northern Italy, but it wouldn't be considered bad in Montana or in New York. I took a ride yesterday with a view of snow-covered Alps.

  9. I am trying not be jealous of your snow. It must feel very Christmasy at your house xoxo Clarice

  10. Oh, it's all so beautiful Jody! I didn't realize that the horses would love snow -- how fun. It's been dreary and rainy here -- I'm ready for some snow!


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