Friday, November 11, 2011

Weaning days....

A couple of days ago, we went after another bunch of cows and calves in the South Pasture.  I drove the truck in front, coaxing the cows to follow me with  alfalfa cake.  I was able to snap a few pictures as we slowly chugged home.   It was chilly, but I enjoyed having the window rolled down and breathing in the pungent aroma from the sage brush. 
 Today we weaned the calves from the cows.  We vaccinated about 200 head and treated them with insecticide.  It was difficult pushing them up the alley.  It seemed as though we dragged each one to the chute, one at a time.  I lost my footing while pushing up a calf and banged my ribs into a post.  I wanted to bawl, but I held off and toughed it out.  Tonight, I'm feeling much better, but it still feels like I have a wooden spoon poking me in the side through to my back.  Sneezing is painful, but for the most part, I'm just a bit sore and nothing else.
There is a lot of bawling in the corrals tonight.  It is kind of sad, but one of those things that must happen year after year. I'm sure we get the term "bawl baby" from weaning calves.  At least I think so.  In a day or so, they'll stop their bawling and settle into their new spot and learn to take their feed in a bunk.

 The sheep were just across the fence as I drove by.  I wish I could have given them some cake, but I had to keep rolling along. 

 It's very dry out in the pasture now.  It's dry everywhere.  I really wanted to burn the trash, but I don't dare until we get some moisture.  The weather man says we should expect some rain and snow in the next few days.  It will freshen up the grass for the livestock and give me a chance to burn.  We may even get to light a fire in the wood stove.

I went for a little stroll late in the afternoon as the sun was setting.  Peach and I went to shut the chicken coop and then after I delivered her at her house, I went walking through The Woods, as I call it, because I heard the hoot, hoot of a couple of owls calling to one another.  I really hoped to snap a picture, but it was a little dark for that.  I thought I saw one of the owls in the picture below, but it was not.  It was just a straggly, old, broken tree that only looked like an owl perching there.  I did find one of the owls, but he flew away before I could get a picture.  I do better at taking pictures of owls in the daytime.  They don't see me very well, and I see them perfectly well. 


  1. So sorry about your ribs! Hope you are feeling ok tomorrow. I still want to see an owl in the wild sometime. Have a great weekend...

  2. Oh, that owl makes me feel all story booky! Owl Moon! I love the sheep (as you know so well!) and I feel sorry for the cow babies, crying for their mamas!
    I wish I lived next door so we could enjoy evening walks and tell stories. Did I tell you how much I love your header?
    I'm praying for your ribs! I'm so sorry. Ouch.

  3. This so reminds me of when I was growing up--except no sheep--we were cattle ranchers. In fact, when the first ranchers bought a few sheep, there was concern that they would be run out of the valley.

  4. Marti,
    Pom Pom,
    Thank you for your prayers for my ribs. I woke up very stiff this morning, but I think activity will help. I'd love to be your neighbor and take walks with you too. Glad you like my header. I do too.

    This ranch was first a sheep ranch and later on was changed over to mostly cattle. But the sheep have remained with us. In fact, folks around here have a saying, "Cattle for show, sheep for doe." Did you mean by your comment that the ranchers might be run out of the valley or that the sheep might be run out? Or both?



  5. That should have been, "Sheep for dough (as in $)."

  6. Oh, I really like that owl tree! Had me fooled until I scrolled down a little.

  7. Akk, you tough gal, I hope you are okay now!! Arnica gel works wonders! Oh I could not stand all those cring calves. I think Wren goes and visits Sophia, when they wean the cavles. That seems like a good time to go be loved by Madam Mimi ;-) xoxo Clarice

  8. I hope your ribs are better and you can sneeze without pain now!


  9. Ouch! I do hope your ribs are feeling better very quickly! I think that you are right. It would make perfect sense that the crying of the calves would be where the term bawl baby came from. I hear them at our neighbour's. They always sound so sad.


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