Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Around home....

 Lots of little things to share with you like this great big, brown egg that one of my Red Star hens laid.  It did not fit into my jumbo egg carton so I just had to put it into a dish and wait to use it.  I was quite sure it was a double-yolker, and yes, it was, as you can see by the picture. A two-fer!

I counted it as two full eggs in my recipe.  Hubby said, "If we had just 6 of these hens laying double-yolkers, we'd have plenty of chickens."  He is right on that, but we don't get to pick and choose our hens.  I have found that when a hen starts laying doubles, she continues doing it for the majority of her egg-laying life.

There was a birthday in the family this week.  My Second Daughter (she's my son's wife) had her 26th birthday so I had to make her a little somethin' somethin' for the occasion --an embroidered tea towel.  I had some of the flower applique pieces from Cuppycake's quilt so I used them and stitched around them with the blanket stitch.  Easy-peasy and fun.

Only Daughter (G) and her baby, Cuppycake, came for the week to visit.  Daddy is gone away on business for several days so the girls came out to stay with Papa and me.  We're very glad about that.  Tomorrow we are going to make baby-feet Christmas card prints and have them photo copied.  Aren't these super-cute?

The temperature is really dipping now.  I woke up this morning to 16 degrees and now tonight as I type, we are at the same temperature.  Tomorrow is supposed to be our last *nice* day before the deep chill hits us with lows down to 0 degrees.  I took a quick walk-about today -- no 2 mile walk to the mailbox for me.  It was so cold I felt like I was walking in the arctic with the wind blowing like it was.  I even had my hat tied snug around my chin so my ears didn't freeze.  I am going to have to exchange my fall gloves for winter mittens right away.  The water on the pond near the house is frozen over now and we must take care to check the water tanks in the feed lots lest they freeze up and the calves can't drink.

We've been seeing six to seven turkeys around the shelter belts lately so Miss Lonely Turkey now has some friends to pal around with.  I haven't seen her around the barnyard lately so I'm guessing she flew up to join the others.  I'm happy for her.

Thank you for your kind prayers and wishes for my injured rib.  It's getting much, much better, but I still feel the ol' wooden spoon-in-the-side feeling and sneezing is difficult.  I suspect it'll take a little more time to get over it.  Ah well.
I found this really cute sign on Pinterest that I loved and just had to share it with you.  You can print it for free here.  I found another printable sign that you may like to frame for the Thanksgiving Holiday here.  Give Thanks!  I think that's a good note to end on.


  1. Wow, what a beauty of an egg! I didn't know that double-yoker birds lay them for the rest of their lives, that's amazing!

    Cutesy Christmas card design too, and I loved the posters. Hugs to you Jody, xx

  2. PS. Forgot to say, LOVE the tea towel! xx

  3. I love the tea towel, too!
    I think cranberrying on is a very good idea!
    I like to ask people what their favorite part of the feast is and many sweet people say it's the cranberries, even kids!
    Oh, Ribsy, I hope that pain goes away soon. I have heard rib injuries stay around a while so I'm praying that you DO NOT catch cold or cough.
    I bet you and Papa are having a wonderful time with your girl and co.
    We had our sweet peas for an hour or so last night. They love to cuddle and kiss. Bliss!
    Have a warm day inside, Jody. What do your winter mittens look like?
    Isn't Pinterest fun?

  4. What a fun post of little bits. I'm so sorry -- I totally forgot about your rib -- ouch! I hope you feel stronger each day. Your little tea towel is beautiful, that egg is huge and I LOVE the adorable baby feet idea -- have fun with the execution of the idea!

  5. The problem with rib injuries, they take sooooo long to heal. The baby feet Christmas tree is so cute. Wish I had a little baby around so I could make one. Thanks for the digis. Stay warm.

  6. Oh Miss Jody, I'm so sorry to hear about your rib. ( So where have I been?!) I had a cracked rib once and it does take time to heal! You take care of that.

    Love the tea towel and the little feet Christmas tree--how cute!!

    So glad for you to get a block of time with Daughter and Cuppycake. Enjoy!


  7. Oh, I hope your rib feels better soon! The tea towel is so darling!! I bet the birthday girl loved it:). We are getting a bit colder here is Ellensburg, too....but not down into the single digits yet. Yikes! I know how cold that is WITH wind!

    Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!!


  8. Love the tea towel and those Christmas baby footprint cards are very cute! Have fun with the girls! are cold. We have had quite a cool down for us here, too, but nowhere near your cold. Praying for continued healing for your ribs and easy breathing ahead!!

  9. Oh, so glad to hear your rib is on the mend. I missed that somehow. That is Some Egg! And the color is really different, too. Interesting that hen will continue to lay doubles. I didn't know that. Love the SWEET tea towel and the Christmas card. ~Gentle hugs from Texas.

  10. I'm so sorry your side is still hurting! I didn't realize it was still bad. I hope it's better by Thanksgiving. You are such a busy girl. That tea towel -- I think that kind of thing is so beautiful, and I know you say it's easy-peasy, but it looks hard to me! Others tell me that crochet is hard for them, but it feels easy to me. Stay warm!! Brr -- those temps and wind sound awful. We're still balmy and fallish here.

  11. So many wonderful things in your lovely world Jody! Love the tea towels - so sweet (like you), and baby feet Christmas card idea is just precious! I wonder if it will work with 5 to 12 years olds -- bigger trees I guess ;)?
    And that egg! I've never seen such a big hen egg. Sometimes I wish I had chickens, but that would mean cleaning out the coop poop --- oh well. . .
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. You are blessed
    but I think you know that.
    Feel the Spirit all around
    especially in everything with feathers.

  13. Gueris vite, Jody- just catching up now with the wonderful worlds within world around this hugely amazing planet. Sorry to hear you're sore!

  14. Wow! I think that egg is even bigger than the double yolker I had a couple weeks ago. That tea towel is sooo pretty! What talent you have! Those will be the cutest Christmas cards ever!


  15. Would that be nice and save time if eggs were two yokes. Love the towel, I bet Jamie did too. Your such a good MIL xox Clarice


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