Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas stitcheries, recipe try-outs, and a hymn...

 A cute Festive Dog  is dressed for Christmas!
A Christmas stocking is stitched for a special nephew.
It'll be his first Christmas.

Now to finish wrapping gifts.

I'm reviewing some Tiramisu recipes for Christmas Day

I'm reading the December portion of
One Year Book of Hymns.  One of my favorites is
Good Christian Men Rejoice 
AKA:  In Dulci Jubilo

Good Christian men, rejoice,
With heart and soul and voice!


  1. Oh, lots of sweetness here, Jody! I saw a book on Amazon . . . something about doodling with thread. I thought of you.

  2. The wiener dog towel is the cutest ever!!!

  3. I especially love the doggie stitches!!! :) Good Men Rejoice is a favorite of mine, too. It would be difficult to get enough of Christmas music.

  4. Such a cute weiner dog. I grew up with one and my mom still has 2. She would love that towel. I got her the cutest bag for Christmas. Dachshunds with knitter sweaters on!!

  5. The towel is so cute. I really like the stocking you sewed,too.
    The merriest of Christmas' to you and yours!
    When we were in York in 2004 we attended Vespers at York Minster and it was a wonderful experience. I thought this looked familiar...

  6. Jody, I love your little wiener dog pattern. Do you remember when you got that pattern? Dianntha

  7. I linked the "Festive Dog" pattern on this post, but will also give you the link here in the comments.

    Thanks for your kind comments!


  8. Your Christmas preparations have been fun to watch, and inspiring, Jody.

    Merry Christmas to you and to your family.


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