Saturday, October 09, 2010

Just add light...

 Fall is that time of year when the skies get a little darker, the air turns crisp and chilly, and the daylight becomes less and less.  For me, it's the time I like to add more low light to my home to make it feel cozy.  In the kitchen I added a espresso cup-candle alongside a platter that I use almost daily and Hubs' indispensable  toothpick dispenser.  The platter blocks an ugly outlet that is less visible this way.

To make the espresso cup candle, I just added ordinary table salt to my cup and scrunched the tea light down into it.  A simple touch.

I love the low light on the highboy dresser.  I like to have it on in the evenings even when we are not in the bedroom because the soft light looks so welcoming and warm. 

A reading light alongside the bed is a must, and begs the sleepy one to read just a page more before turning in.

The wood-burning stove is the hub of our home in fall and winter months and in the cold, wet springtime too.  It's where we warm up after coming in from chores, and where we hang wet mittens and gloves and an occasional pair of cover-alls to dry. I always keep my oil lamps on the mantle in case of a power failure which happens frequently out here.  The candlestick holders I bought for $1.50 second-hand and painted black.

Near the stove is a sitting area where we like to sit and talk over our day or read or simply rest and watch the fire flicker.  Light.  A simple thing and yet a profound thing.  A small lamp or a candle can make a home  feel more cozy and welcoming.  How are you creating cozy spaces in your home this autumn?  For lots of good ideas, check out The Inspired Room.  I'm enjoying her 31 Days of Autumn Bliss.


  1. Amazing what a little light will do. I love your woodstove corner xoxo Clarice

  2. Your home is so lovely, so cozy. I love the jewel colors and the stove. I think I will buy a rug for the living room and some new cushions for the chairs.

  3. This all looks so welcoming! I love this time of year so that I can have the candlelight and no lamps burning in an empty room.

  4. Oh what a welcoming warm home you have. I am also enjoying the soft warm light that candles add. I also smiled at your plate covering up an outlet. .boy I ever know about that. I currently have a small wreath covering up one of mine.

    I saw you gave us mention in your food schmecks post. .how absolutely kind of you. Thank you.

    Lovella from mennonite girls can cook

  5. Your home has such cozy feel and especially with all the warm, glowy lights. There is nothing quite so nice as lamp in just the right spot. I like your candle-in-a-cup idea, too.

  6. Your home looks so warm and inviting Jody. And thanks for the candlestick inspiration -- I have a pair of ugly candlesticks and I'm thinking painting them black might be just the ticket!


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