Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Frog legs for supper?

So.....I was out in the garden picking some fresh basil for my pasta supper when I heard a tussle in the bushes.  I see a frog and a snake.  But something's going on.  I watch and I realize this garter snake wants to eat this fairly large frog.  I watch a while longer and then remember the pasta is on the boil and I go indoors to rescue my supper and then go back outdoors to finish watching.  I grabbed my camera and recorded it here so you can see.  The first weird noise you hear is either the frog or the snake.  I heard it a couple of times before I got the camera on and was quite creeped out.  I'm sorry that I sound like someone who is talking to a small child.  I'm really not talking down to you.  I guess I was in story-telling mode.  I'll let Hazel Peach watch later.  She understands me.
EDIT:  If you don't think a garter snake could have eaten a frog, you must go watch THIS video. 

I stopped recording the snake and frog after I realized this could be an all-nighter.  I mean, they could have stayed in this position all night, I think.  They were each waiting the other guy out.  Waiting for a wrong move.  I promised myself I was not going to "meddle in nature" but then I decided that really, I AM part of nature, so I tossed a small stick over by the two and guess what?  The frog jumped away.  Sorry Mr. Snake.  I caused you to lose your supper.

Here's my supper.  More tomatoes.  It's a very simple fresh tomato sauce over angel hair pasta.  There's no cooking except for the pasta.  I just tossed some chopped ripe tomatoes into 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Added some course salt, pepper, garlic and fresh chopped basil.  Let it sit awhile and then add hot angel hair pasta.  Stir.  Sprinkle on some Parmesan cheese.  Eat!  Yum!  I'm glad my supper didn't get away.


  1. Oh my goodness...that is the strangest thing I have seen today! I cannot believe I sat there and watched that considering how much I hate snakes! And now I like them even less...poor little frog!!! Maybe he'll turn into a prince and thank you one day! ;D

  2. Wow! That's amazing Jody -- it looked like they were pretty much in a stalemate. Your flying stick must've scared the snake into letting go just long enough for the frog to escape. It seems kind of funny that the frog could find himself in that predicament in the first place. Thanks for the interesting video -- you're always so fun! (Oh, and loved hearing your voice!)

  3. This is quite a sight! Very cool! I love hearing your voice and I am so glad you helped froggy get away. What a great nature moment and such a yummy looking dinner to enjoy afterwards.

  4. Not fond of snakes even "good" ones!

    Your dinner looks just delish with all those fresh ingredients!


  5. What a wild and strange thing! I've never seen anything like it. And it was fun to hear your voice. Now I can have it in my head when I read your posts.


  6. Oh My I am soooooo glad you did not cook Frog Legs. Yuck. My husband thinks they are all that. They are just gross and I have never cooked them and never will. Living in the dessert has it's is a long way to a frog of any size for eating.
    The dish looks wonderful....much better then frog legs. I am glad you saved the frog. What a slow agonizing death it would have died.

  7. I'm glad you startled the frog and he came to his senses and hopped away.

  8. I was so grossed out!!! But my nature loving hubby said you did the right thing, that bull frog eats all sorts of bugs. He so enjoyed the video.

    visiting from thimbleanna

  9. Sent here by Anna.....I yelled for my resident plant, bug, and critter expert [youngest son-23] to come and see. He says there's no way the garter snake could have eaten that leopard frog, since he's not a constrictor......pretty ambitious little guy though!
    I thought "Frog and Toad Are Friends"----------so where was his friend? Unless you were acting in "loco toadis?"

  10. By the way, I love your sunflower header!

  11. So glad you saved the frog! I know that's the way the snake makes his living, but I really don't care to watch! LOL!

    Good looking pasta meal, Jody!

    I also subscribed to your YouTube channel, which is a good thing.

  12. My goodness ~ who knew there was such drama unfolding beneath the basil? Glad to hear frog/toad got away (it's hard to feel sorry for a snake).

    Your pasta dish looks so yummy and summery! We're now enjoying zucchini from our little garden, but still (impatiently) waiting for ripe tomatoes.

  13. Eeeiw! That other video you linked to is GROSS. poor froggie. He's still croaking away inside the snake. What a way to go.

  14. That was an amazing sight! You are brave watching - are those snakes poisonous?? I kept wondering why the frog didn't get away as he seemed much bigger - I'm glad you threw the stick. IIIIIkes


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