Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ric-rac flowers embroidery tutorial....

I was asked nicely if I would make a tutorial of the ric-rac flowers so I just couldn't say no.  Plus, I know how much I appreciate tutorials that others do.  Here goes!  I hope you try it. 
You may click all photos to enlarge them.

You will need:
One tea towel
Various colors of cotton ric rac
Fabric glue (washable)
Water soluble fabric marker
Embroidery floss

1.  I determined that it takes 12 points on one side of the ric-rac to make a circle that lays down flat.  So count twelve points and add a little bit extra so you can tuck it under neatly.

2.  Lay out ric rac on your tea towel and make a circle that lays flat.  Tuck under one edge and use a little fabric glue to secure it.  You may also like to use some on each cut end of the ric rac so it won't fray.  The brand I have is Aleen's OK to Wash It glue -- especially for fabrics.

3.  Next you will pin the ric rac down.  Lay out in a pleasing pattern.

4.  After pinning, you will secure the points of the ric rac with French knots and a small hidden stitch.  In all the embroidery in this project, I used 3 strands of  the floss.  I made  French knots on the outer points and secured the inner points with a tiny stitch that was hardly noticeable.

5.  With a water soluble fabric marker, mark the middle of each flower and then take a ruler and draw straight lines across to each inner point.  Draw stems and leaves and add any other extras you'd like.

6.  Stitch along lines within the flowers, catching in the points of the ric rac as you go.  I used the outline stitch for all my lines in this project.   For the center of each flower, add 3 or more French knots.

7.  Now finish up with embroidering the stems, leaves and additional flowers as desired.  Again, I used the outline stitch, but you might also like the stem stitch for this.  They are very similar.

8.  Spray finished work with a water bottle to dissolve the blue marker lines.  Launder as usual and press.

Tada!  You're done!


  1. Great tutorial!

    I just have one question. Where are you putting your design on the towel? It looks like yours is off center...or centered on half the towel which makes sense if it is folded in half. I look at a blank towel and become befuddled by things like this.

  2. That's a really nice tutorial. I'm going to make some ric rac flowers they are really effective in decorating a surface.

  3. Thank you! These are just so cute.

  4. I love this..I could see doing this in bright pinks, yellows and turqoises, on cotton, and then framing it for a girls bedroom.

    Maybe, if I get a little girl grandbaby I will.....


  5. Thank You Ms. Gumbo! Those flowers are too, too cute. And I love that blue and white ric rac!

  6. I just love this pattern...I really think it is so adorable. Thanks, Dianntha

  7. Leslie,
    I put my design on one side near the corner, but you really don't have to. You could center it on the bottom edge too.

    You really do get a lot of "bang for the buck" in decorating.

    I'm glad you like it.

    These would be really cute in frames, wouldn't they?

    The old ric rac from Aunt Betty's stash is very interesting -- mixed with white and some I have has gold threads too.

    Thanks for your kind comments.


  8. Great tutorial, you are so good! Thanks for making it. Now I know where to go when I am ready to make mine.

  9. What an adorable project, I love the way the rick-rack really pops and makes all the details extra special. Great job!

  10. Thanks! It's a great idea. Ü

  11. This is such a cute idea for all the rick rack I have in my craft supplies! Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to try this one. Found you through a link on One Pretty Thing!

  12. Tracey,
    Thanks for the inspiration from your Little Green Suitcase!

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure having fun with this project.

    Storybook Woods,
    I hope you'll make some. They go pretty fast since the ric rac give a lot of bang for the buck.

    Glad you stopped in.
    Good luck with your ric rac embroidery.

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  13. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial. I've linked it on my blog. :)

    Eleonora, an Italian girl in Sweden

  14. So cute! I want to try various size flowers on a girls dress. You mke me want to start sewing again!!!

  15. thanks so much for sharing this! looks fun!

  16. Thank you for the nice tutorial it look easy to do


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