Monday, October 26, 2009


It's fall.  I love how the light comes in the big window like this when the sun is low in the sky.  It's so warm and cheery to me.  While the darker days of fall and winter months are upon us the sun is tipped just right to shine into the corners of our home.  The kitchen table served as my workshop today.

Daughter-in-Love grows the pumpkins.  This year they didn't ripen orange so I splashed a coat of white paint on mine and lettered them instead of carving.  I'm happy because they'll carry my decorating into Thanksgiving.  The kids and I made the jar-o-lanterns many years ago and they make me smile and "remember when" as I haul them out for Halloween.

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion.
~Henry D. Thoreau


  1. ooooh...i love your white pumpkins. very clever, jody.


  2. Love the white pumpkins and the lettering and what fun jars! Enjoy the memories :0)

  3. Mom! I love these! So pretty. I bought two pumpkins today but I don't know if I wanna paint them white- maybe I can do this but just do black on orange? Or another fall color for Thanksgiving? Let me know if you get any ideas. So cute- I have my jar-o-lantern up too!!

  4. What a wonderful idea...Dianntha

  5. I love that idea! How cute. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Your so creative, I love it. Love the jar too xoxoxo Clarice

  7. Those are gorgeous! I love the white and the "give thanks" is perfect, you can leave them out for months!

    I just found your blog via an email from Clarice telling me about your beautiful ric-rac flowers tute. I'm so glad she emailed, your embroidery is fabulous! I would love to link to your tutorial if you didn't mind.

  8. Love the way the warm light slants into your kitchen - mine does the same. It's so cheery especially in the winter months.

    Lovely lettering on your pumpkins - we need to get some out this week too. with a bit of carving and a candle inside.

    Do you get many trick or treaters?

  9. Hi,
    I'm new on your blog. You have such a delightful place, full of creativity and beauty and peace. The photo with the sun's rays softly and warmly shining into your dining area is so lovely too. I loved the embroidered tea towels...and the post Coping With Stress.

    I enjoyed my visit.


  10. At first I thought you'd grown white pumpkins, and that scared me a little. What would white pumpkin pie taste like?

    Is that your handwriting, the "Give Thanks?" Very pretty!


  11. Oooh, they're beautiful Jody! Love, love that gorgeous lettering!

  12. The pumpkins are are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing all of your creative ideas!

  13. Cassie,
    I grew some white pumpkins once a long time ago. They're really pretty so I thought, "Why not paint my green pun'kin?"

    Ellen, Thanks!

    I'm sending in the transfer paper and paint for you to letter your pumpkins. I'd keep them orange.

    Ohio Farmgirl, Beauty of the Lord, Ranchwife, Clarice....thanks for your kind comments!

    Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Yes, by all means, you may link to me. Thanks.

    Island Sparrow,
    I think those of us who live in the north country have our homes designed for winter sun to stream in. Not many trick-or-treaters here, just the Grandangel, but I still like to decorate for the holiday.

    Crown of Beauty,
    I'm so glad you stopped by. You encourage me and bless me. Thank you.

    I have grown white pumpkins before and they're quite neat! Flesh is still orange. The lettering is not my handwriting. It's tracing of the lettering and then paint. I wish it were my handwriting.


  14. I'd never read that quote before. It is very fun as well. But the pumpkin I bought this fall isn't big enough to be comfortable.

  15. These turned out so cute! Love the lettering. And the jar is adorable.


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