Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The official "Veil Flip" practice...

I believe this was a practice session of the official "veil flip" which, by the way, went perfectly during the actual ceremony.

These past days I've been basking in the afterglow of a really perfectly perfect wedding and reception. It's been fun to think back to all the preparations, the decorating, planning, the little details and then the Big Day which was so beautiful and fun and happy for all of us.

After the Wedding we packed up ice cream pails full of salads, gallon ziplock bags of meat and cheese, boxes of extra fruit, wedding cake, all of the family crystal, linens, clothes, shoes, copies of important documents, keys and whatnots and unloaded them at home. At this point, the crystal is washed up and back in the fancy cupboard, the linens are still in the laundry basket, and most of the food is eaten or given away to friends and helpers. The Honeymooners are still away and as for's back to work.

We've had more rain than we know what to do with this year. The past seven years of our lives here on the ranch have been drought-stricken, but this year God decided to turn everything back to rights. In May alone, we've had over 9 inches of rain and our annual average rainfall for this area is 11 inches. We have water in places we never knew it would stand, and it appears that all the stock ponds, dams, springs and wells are filling up beautifully. What a blessing.

I've been mowing like mad (do you see all the beautiful, thick lawn in the background?) trying to beat the daily rain. Today I finally put the rest of the garden in. It's not a large garden, as I had planned, but the big garden is so full of water, that it's literally a bog and I'm not about to muck about in that mud hole. I hope to plant some native grasses and wildflowers down there yet this spring to soak up the moisture. In this spot pictured, I've got tomatoes (Roma and Early Girl), peppers, cabbages, and onions. I'll add some nasturtiums seed soon. It doesn't look like much, but some of it is underground. The raised beds are all planted with seeds so there's nothing to look at except beautiful, black soil. The geraniums are potted on the front porch and the baskets are hanging.

Ahhhhh.....Life is good. God is good.


  1. It's lovely to have the memories of such a happy celebration - and also lovely to return to normal!

  2. Oh what a beautiful bouquet against that white dress. Just gorgeous. I'm glad all went well. What a blessing...

  3. I loved reading all of this, Jody! The wedding sounds wonderful, and your yard is thriving! Look at that nice soil! :-) (We're still getting frost at night.)

    I'm happy for you that everything went so very well and that you are once again enjoying your home routine.

    You are indeed blessed!

  4. Grace is just beautiful. Isn't it nice to have life back to normal xoxoxo Clarice

  5. New beginnings all around, from the wedding to the garden. Life is indeed good and beautiful.

  6. Isn't it wonderful to experience the aftermath of something so perfect? We were on a happy high for several weeks -- in fact I think I still am! What a beautiful post Ms. Lily -- so happy for you and all the life-giving rain!

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments and sharing my joy!!


  8. The wedding looks to have been quite beautiful and how wonderful to fee secure that your daughter is now being cared for by such a godly young man. I know I didn't just read that little tidbit here!

    The garden looks great. Tell me what you do with nasturnium seeds.

  9. Weddings are such work, but so beautiful. Your garden looks great. My husbands grandparent have a small garden next door and I love to have any thing they want to send over...MISSY

  10. This truly is a celebration post of what life is all about Jody. You are truly a fortunate woman.
    I love the thought of these young people beginning life with what looks like a sense of humour. That truly comes in handy at times!

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