Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2nd place isn't all bad....

The FifthBorn played in a qualifying tournament yesterday to try to earn a spot in the USGA Jr. Golf National Championship. In our area, there was one tournament with one available spot. You had to win to get that spot. My Boy gave it all he had and received 2nd place. The cool thing is that he's 15 years old and the winner is 18 years old and this same young man took 2nd place in last year's National Championship!

Not only that, but My Boy really played his heart out and had scores he was very proud of. They played 2 rounds of golf in one day. Par for this course is 72. His scores were 73 and 76. He was really happy with his play and totally enjoyed the competition. He's a true competitor in every sense of the word. (He gets that from his dad)

The other guys in the tournament had caddies to carry their bags and give them tips and advice throughout, but My Boy had none. His friend/coach couldn't make it so he had to go it alone. Dad was there, but the rule was: "No parents may caddie," so he was on his own -- carrying his own bag and making his own decisions about each hole. That's how he always plays so it really was nothing different for him. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the players, a new golf course, and the golf itself. He's got something to aim for next year!

I know what you're thinking.... "How does a ranch kid grow up to be a good golfer? Well, it's the sport that everyone at our house enjoys, and he simply grew up with the game. We have lots of open space for hitting tee shots and chipping so he practices that part a lot. The other thing is, he is a determined individual, so even though he's not on the golf course every day (he does have chores and ranch work ya know) he makes the most of his time on the course when he does play.

Let me just say, I am One Proud Mama!

That means, watch out in golf talk.... there always next year!

(these photos were not taken at the qualifier, but at another tourney this spring)


  1. whoohoo! Well done Ranch Guy!!

  2. Oh yeah Fore !!!!! LOve Clarice

  3. Wow! Congratulations FifthBorn. That's quite an accomplishment!!!

  4. Wow, Your Boy played an amazing game. From the looks of it he will be first place next year!!

  5. Not bad at all! Way to go! Here's to next year. ~Leslie

  6. Congratulations to your son, Jody. Wow, I'm so impressed! Golf is much harder than it looks, and I'm always impressed by those who can master it.

  7. We are impressed too! He is looking stylish! Pretty greens!
    Deb and Cam

  8. Oh, well done your boy! My dad is a keen golfer too!


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