Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Warblers everywhere!

Sunday I sighted the first warber,
a Yellow-rumped Warbler,
but didn't get a good photo of him.

Today, there are warblers everywhere!
All yellow-rumped.... so far.
These little guys are about 4-3/4"

(click up photos to enlarge)


  1. I love Yellow-rumped Warblers, we call them "butter-butts." I remember going on a birding trip one time to Cape Hatteras and seeing thousands of them during migration. They were just covering all the bushes near the beach while they rested for a bit. It was an amazing sight.

  2. Those birds are really cute. We don't have them here. I'd love to see them up close.

  3. He's a cutie! Love the 'butter - butt' nickname!!

  4. Oh great photos xoxox Clarice

  5. Love the pictures Jody! And I really love your banner with the lambs! They are so precious and curious looking!

    Kim :-)

  6. Great shots! Our youngest piXie loves birdies and was quite taken with these photos.

  7. Wish I could see one around here! He's a cutie!

  8. It's kind of fun how once you see the Yellow-Rumpeds, you know it's only a matter of days before the warbler deluge. I like the predictability of it!

    That first photo shows the quintessential field markings, and I especially like the composition of that second photo.


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