Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Horn weights.....

Do you remember this mystery picture? Two of you thought they were pipe clamps and one of you from this blog, thought it was a chicken torturing instrument to tighten upon a chicken leg when you were angry. Hmmmm (raising eyebrows).

Well, these were wrong guesses, but my daughter (whom I don't think comes to visit my blog very often) chose to blab it outright, "Mom, it's a horn weight," as if I didn't know! Ahem!

This is the time of year that we begin horn weighting bull calves. Horn weights are used to draw the horns downward as they grow. When a Hereford bull's horns grow naturally, they point upward, and it makes them more dangerous to other bulls as well as to humans using their horns as weapons (think bayonet). We pride ourselves in having very docile cattle that are easy to manage, but we take every precaution to sell bulls that are not only safe, but beautiful as well. Horns that are weighted properly and for the right length of time, can give a mature bull a most stunning and majestic look.

What do you think?


  1. Oh I knew THAT! *cough*


  2. Jody,
    I just know that there's a spiritual lesson in this regarding bringing up children ! I can't think of it yet, but I will! : )After all, some kiddos need 'horn weights' to make them safe around others and ultimately, to produce a majestic countenance that reflects the care of the King of Kings!

    I know there was one of ours that had horn weights clamped on her more times than I care to think about! : )

    SC, who had no clue to what those thingies were!!

  3. Horn weight, well why didn't I know that. I think I have some earrings made out of those ;-p Even David did not know what they were. I will tell him when he wakes up. Love Clarice

  4. Big and scary, that's what I think about bulls! Thanks for the interesting lesson.

  5. I'd not heard of this before. It certainly makes sense after reading your explanation. I find it so amazing that someone even thought up this simple little fix.

  6. Well, I think I should get credit for being kind of close! I knew it must have something to do with ranch life. :)

    I think that is pretty nifty. Do those little pointy things make a mark on the horn or are they more for gripping?

    I like seeing the up close curls of the bull creature. Very textury.

    (I am convinced the word verification to leave a comment is actually an IQ test!) :) :)

  7. That is cool! I would have thought they where... well I don't know. But now I do!!!! lol Thank you for the wonderful comment for my birthday!
    Auberne' Ancalimon

  8. I didn't know that - I thought those horns grew that way naturally.

    and I'm a country girl...

  9. Wow, I'd have never guessed correctly even after multiple tries. But I think you could clamp a pipe in a pinch!!!

  10. I'd have never guessed it. stopping by to say"howdy" haven't been by to visit in a while.
    hope you have a good weekend!

  11. I have never heard of Horn Weights.What an interesting concept. I wonder who came up with the first horn weights? and does this happen in other parts of the world, I wonder.


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