Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Red & White

I'm playing in paint again. This time it's red puff paint. I saw the idea for this project at Posie Gets Cozy, and I knew I just had to try my hand at it too. I tried to paint freehand on some smaller votive candles, but I realized quite quickly that I was going to have more mess than art so I abandoned that idea and found some Transylvanian embroidery patterns that I printed off on my computer and then traced with pencil onto ($2.99) white pillar candles. It was much, much easier to paint with a line to follow. At first I tried to paint with the paint tube itself, but that was not so easy -- for me at least. So I squirted a glob of paint onto a sour cream lid and used a small, stiff brush to paint with. I put on a first coat that was rather thin, let it dry several hours and then painted over it thickly a second time to get an embossed look on the candle. I also found that creating little dots (blobs) on the candle was an effective, attractive idea that didn't take a lot of talent. All in all, I'm pretty pleased although I know that someone with a steadier hand and more artsy-ness could do a finer job.
However, these Red & White Candles will suit our purposes at home --
candles for burning during Dark December. Doesn't a candle just
add the perfect warm glow in the evening? Actually, we tend to burn candles all throughout the day in winter months. As you can see, one of the candles has been burned (enjoyed) already.


  1. I like these! Good job, Jody!

  2. OOOOOOOH! I might have to try this project. I agree that candles give a warmth in their light. Day or night. Thanks for the idea.

  3. They turned out very pretty!

  4. Jody,

    Who would have thought..puff paint on candles could look so stunning? It reminds me of something one would see in Carl Larsson's home in Sweden.

    You've been having fun!


  5. Oh Jody these turned out so good !!!! Clarice

  6. Thanks everyone! You bring me renewed confidence. I think I'll try another one!


  7. They are so nice! You did good girl! I am loving your blog! The music is wonderful!


  8. I saw this project on Alicia'a blog too, and thought it was a wonderful one. You had a clever idea, looking for the embroidery patterns, and your candles turned out very pretty Jody.


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