Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12 Facts of Christmas

I have been tagged by Clarice to share My Own 12 Random Facts About Christmas.

Here goes.....

1. Jesus is the Reason.
2. We are celebrating Advent in our home, using Handel's Messiah Family Advent Reader, which is really a wonderful devotional. One of our family's favorites!
3. St. Nick's Day brings chocolate initials for each family member (and incoming members).
4. We always cut a fresh Christmas Tree in the forest. Imperfect as it may be, it always looks beautiful after we've adorned it with our box of ornaments collected through the years.
5. I never put up the Christmas tree until December-something (15th or so). I hate to be tired of the holiday before it even gets here.
6. A new tree ornament is given to our children each year.
7. Traditional goodies: My mom's sugar cookie cut-outs, molasses cookies, snowballs, pfeffernuse, fudge, divinity (made by my sons), chocolate dipped pretzels, peppermint bark.
8. We draw names for a Secret Santa gift.
9. When the children were little, I bought them a special Christmas book each year and we read them all during the month of December. I have quite a collection now and still like to buy one for myself. I hope to continue this tradition for my grandchildren someday.
10. We always go to Christmas Eve Candlelight Services at our church and then open one gift. Afterwards, we have a special meal together. This year we'll enjoy hores de'oeuvres. Everyone who comes, brings!
11. We read the Christmas story from Luke 2 on Christmas morning before opening gifts.
12. If we still have fireworks left from Independence Day, we shoot some off Christmas Day night.

I tag Diana at Knit This Too and Leslie at Abiding.


  1. Hi Jody,
    I enjoyed reading your list. I agree with you about the tree and try not to put ours up too early. When it's up for more than a couple weeks, it no longer seems so special!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family,

  2. Fun meme, Jody! Your cookies look great, too.

  3. Oh thank you fun to read. I love your Saint Nicolas day tradtion. xoxox Clarice

  4. You got me! I listed my 12 too. We have a couple in common, reading the Christmas Story before opening gifts and kids get a tree ornament each year. Cookies above look scrumptious!


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