Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pullet Eggs

The last few times that I gathered the eggs, I found a little green egg amongst the larger white and brown ones. These green eggs were laid by one of my pullets. For those of you who don't know, a pullet is a young hen, not even a year old. I have a dozen American-Auracana pullets that will likely lay green to blue-green eggs. They are not yet five months old (the usual age for pullets to begin laying eggs), but one of them has already begun to lay. Notice how small the pullet eggs are in comparison to the white hen's egg. I would use 2 pullet eggs to equal one large hen's egg in my baking. I'm so tickled about my visits to the chicken coop now, and I'm anticipating that others of my pullets will soon follow suit.

Now, for one of my favorite egg recipes, which is really not a recipe at all, but rather, a method.

Hearty Country Eggs
Melt 1-2 tablespoons of butter in an omlet pan over medium heat.
Add chopped onion, chopped green or red pepper, chopped baked potato,
and a few bits of sausage.
Saute until softened. Now add two slightly beaten eggs over the top.
Allow them to bubble up and then flip the whole works over and cook on the other side.
You may top this with your choice of grated cheese and allow it to melt
and serve with chopped, fresh tomatoes or salsa.
A few slices of hot, buttered toast on the side
and a cuppa hot coffee
will accompany the eggs perfectly.
This dish makes a terrific breakfast, lunch or supper.


  1. This is so COOL! Can I admit my ignorance and tell you something I'm sure won't surprise you? I never knew that chicken eggs came in any other colors but brown and white. This city girl learns something new from her ranch pal all the time!

    Keep sharing...puhleeeeze! ;)


  2. Hi Jody ~ My sweet friend, Sheryl, and I are checking your blog while at the cabin. She is one I sent your blog site to and she loves it; checks it often. I remember pullet eggs. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!! ~ Kathie P.S. Sheryl says she'd hate to have to follow you around; you make her tired. :)

  3. Love those beautifully coloured eggs, and on such a lovely tea-towel....aren't those hedgehogs so cute?:)
    It was fun to see the pic!

  4. They're the kind of eggs you see in a child's picture book. Very beautiful and thanks for the recipe!

  5. Ohh I hope you blew the insides out and saved the shells. Fill a bowl with the empty egg shells, it is soo pretty. Love Clarice

  6. Jody,

    I found this recipe very interesting --- because -- many years ago I had a friend, Francis, who was from Mexico. Her mother didn't speak any English though she had been here for some years. Mrs. V would make stacks and stacks of delicious tortillas and for breakfast she made something very much like the recipe you just described -- one big difference -- they really did use tortillas like we use bread....

    Susan in Texas, who is terribly hungry right now

  7. Growing up we these tupe of eggs which I used to have to gather.Brings fond memories.

  8. Welcome Yolanda! I didn't learn the art of gathering eggs until I was an adult.



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