Sunday, January 12, 2014


I've been thinking about the word still.

I captured another jackrabbit on my camera yesterday.  He was still.  He thought I would walk by, I'm sure, but as any wild creature knows, oftentimes when the "enemy" is walking by if the small creature will stay very still and blend in to his surroundings without a single move, the enemy will keep moving and never see him.  As you can see, this jack's camouflage is perfect for winter.  Just enough white, just enough gray, and just enough black on the tips of his ears.  Most  of the time, I don't see jackrabbits until they move from their places.  What a wonderful gift to be so still that the enemy will walk by without noticing you.

"Be still and know that I am God."  ~Psalm 46:10

I love this verse.  It means so many things to me.  If I am still, will the enemy will walk on by me?     When I am still, my senses are piqued.  I can hear clearly.   A flicker taps a beat on a dead tree, the chickadee whistles, a tree creaks in the wind,  the cows move slowly through the snow, the ice heaves on the pond, frost drops from the trees, I hear myself breathe.  When I stand still and look, I see the varied hues of the sky -- soft pink, deep purple, gunmetal gray, bluebird blue.  I see the winter buds on the Elm, the tracks of the grouse.  I see the place where the dog slid down the snowdrift, and I see a jackrabbit -- still as a stone, and I see my breath.

We live on the open prairie where the wind blows most of the time.  When it is still outdoors, we take notice of the change, and immediately we notice when it picks up again.  When I am still, I am anticipating.  I am waiting. Listening.  I'm waiting to hear what the wind of God has to say, waiting to see what God shows me, trying to know Him right where I am in my stillness.   I crave a little chunk of quiet and stillness each day, even if it is just a small bit of time.  It gives me peace and calm and a knowing that God is.  And I need God.  Very much.

What do you notice when you are still?


  1. I crave that stillness and quiet and it's hard to come by when you live anywhere near a city. That's probably why the early mornings are the best times around here to be still with my Bible open...

  2. I sat in silence in the beautiful sanctuary of the local Episcopal church tonight, reading my Bible, waiting for Evensong, evening prayers sung by the women's choir. It was a quiet, contemplative time, candle-lit and lovely. And the voices were beautiful.

  3. Beautiful writing, Jody. Wonderful reminder. Thank you for a look at a snowy jack rabbit.

  4. Well said!

  5. The stillness of the country is something I've taken for granted. I love to just sit and listen to the small sounds of nature. I'm contemplating selling our little farm and moving to town now that I'm alone. I think I'll be visiting my daughter in the country as often as I can! We are blessed!

  6. We live in a no-through lane so it's usually very quiet except for the sound of birds outside in the garden. It's good to take the opportunity to sit still, quieten our thoughts and listen to what God wants to say to us.

  7. What a great picture to go with your thoughts. I can only imagine what prairie life must be like. Yesterday we had an usually windy day and it made us all, esp my little doggie, disconcerted, frazzled, and anxious. So thankful for shelter and today's stillness.

  8. When I'm still, I'm able to relax. Like you, I think of the wind. Here on the ocean, we also notice the wind (for sailing, and for how the water level shifts so), and when it is still. The river is flat grey. You hear sounds across the water, far across the creeks. You hear the bare branches scraping each other. I enjoy stillness. It seems to calm the soul.

  9. Beautiful post, J. I've gotten in the habit of driving with the radio off (previously unheard of) and trying to be comfortable with the silence. I like a lot of noise around me, filling up the empty spaces, but I'm trying to be better about not being afraid to see what the silence will bring.


  10. Jody that is wonderful. Being still is so important. As I was reading your post I was thinking of that passage with Elijah and it wasn't that God was in the fire or the earth quake but in the quiet whisper.
    I loved that picture of the Jackrabbit, being so still. They are beautiful with the white winter clothes.
    I imagine in my mind as you wrote, the sound of silence and the wind as it blows across the prairie. Prairie books have always been my favorites. It speaks of how I feel inside.
    Thank you for sharing your writing refreshed my thoughts and my soul. I need to be still and wait in silence for the knowing of God.

  11. Thank you so much for this! From the photo to the last word, it's the best food for the soul.

  12. I loved this. I don't take nearly enough time to be still. Your thought about being still hiding you from your enemies is a great way to think about it.


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