Friday, July 12, 2019

Haying season...

When you look out to the greener part of this field, you can see a darker purple/green shade and then a lighter green shade in the hay that is mowed.  This field yields strong to alfalfa, but also has crested wheat grass mixed in with it.  The purple shade is the flowers from the alfalfa being mowed in that direction.  The lighter shade is the mowing on the trip back.  This is some of the best hay EVER cut and baled on this ranch.  We've never seen hay like this in years -- maybe ever.  Hubby's dad, an 87 year old Grandpa says he's never seen hay like this in all his years and he has lived here his entire life.

 The green grass and alfalfa in the foreground was cut and baled a week or so ago and look at how much has grown back!  We do not usually get a second cutting of hay except for the very low, wet patches here and there and that is rare. 

 On the way out to the hay field today, I saw from a distance what looked like someone's jacket or a towel left on the cross bar of the fence brace.  As I got closer, I could see that it was not that at all, but instead it was a swarm of bees.  We have several boxes of bees on the ranch this year.  The folks that put them on us and lots of other ranchers will have a good honey year since we have gobs and gobs of sweet clover.  I guess these bees decided to go pioneering and find a new place to call home.

Here's a close-up photo of the bees.  Maybe they'll be gone tomorrow.  Who knows? 

The baby birds are here and there in the back yard and front yard and in the pastures.  I saw the baby hawk as I drove past the swarm, but didn't have my camera ready for it.  Our world is alive with so many things growing.  It's wonderful to see and to be right in the thick of it.


  1. I've heard that bees will swarm but never would have imagined that they would hang onto a fence!! I hope they found a proper place to settle into.

  2. How wonderful for your very good season of alfalfa and hay! Woohoo! Or is that Alfalfa Hay? Anyhoo, happy for you! We are seeing baby quail right now. So sweet. Hope they stay safe from the hawks. Glad you are enjoying your alive world right now.

  3. So glad for your great and historic crop of hay! Here's to a second crop! :) I've only seen bees swarm once. It was awesome to behold!

  4. Ah - what a shame that a beekeeper couldn't have gotten that swarm into a nice box :) !! So, so glad your farming year is going so well. That's an encouragement! The fields look lovely.

  5. Is it the quantity of the hay or some special quality as well that makes it some of the "best"? Pictures of mown hay such as you share here almost bring the delicious smell of alfalfa to my mind through the eyes without any smeller involved!!

    Glory to God for all things! And thank you, Lord, for extra-abundant years that seem extra glorious :-)

    1. It is quantity as well as quality. It's thick, leafy, and tall so it's the perfect kind of hay! It does smell delicious outside. Between the sweet clover and the alfalfa, it's a strong, flowery smell.

  6. There's an old-old saying that goes, "A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay. A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon, but a swarm of bees in July isn't worth a fly." (Or something like that.)

    1. Oh, I think I've heard that saying too. To me, it still feels like June here, so I'll say the bee swarm was worth a silver spoon. ~smile~

  7. Too bad you couldn't have got those bees in a box and put them near your garden. My garden is the best ever this year and I know its because of that swarm that I got early in the spring.
    I just see God's blessing with your yield of hay this year, What a glorious gift that is and it is just beautiful. God is so good. Thank you so much for sharing. It makes my heart so happy to read about your life on the prairie.

    1. I tried to get a hold of the bee guys, but I couldn't before the swarm was gone. God has blessed us good and plenty this year. We're thankful.

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  9. I am so happy for you. Ranching is such a fickel profession, as you have no control over the weather. I am overjoyed that this has been a good summer for you. Everyone deserves a perfect summer, especially the rancher!

  10. Looks like a beautiful summer on the prairie this year. What do you use alfalfa for? Is it for feed? I thought I saw on a show that cows got into alfalfa and then their stomachs bloated. Is that just Hollywood? Or did I miss something important LOL?

  11. I think I figured out the commenting. We'll see! (BIG HUG!)

  12. As a FarmHer, your hay and the fields are wonderful to me! I rake hay and can't imagine raking those long straight fields. Our fields lie next to creeks and branches with crooks and turns every few yards. This year hasn't been good for us so far. In early May a bad wind storm blew a lot of trees down around the edges of the fields. And then heavy rains caused flooding of fields, leaving dirt over the grass. When we finally were able to bale the hay, dust was so thick it was difficult at times to see. I feel sorry for the cattle having to eat that hay. But, we have been able to bale and wrap some good hay, and if we continue to get rain showers there will be a second and maybe third cutting of some fields. Indeed, we do thank God for the blessings of a good season.

  13. A swarm of bees came through the bedroom window recently. No honey, just the horror of having them in the house and now replacing the window :-) But I still love them. And I love to see bales of hay, there is something so neat about them, and all the work they represent.

  14. I love your header picture! Looking forward to future posts!

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  16. Very interesting post and I have never seen a bee swarm in real . It looks amazing in the picture . God is a great creator .how beautiful the place is all together . Stay safe

  17. Jody, I don't know if you will ever see this. I don't know where you've gone or why (and you don't need to tell me!). I just want to say that I think of you alll the time, and I've prayed for you. You are an important person in my life and growth, and I'll never forget you or stop appreciating how much knowing you has impacted me. Miss you!

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