Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cherry hand pies...

My tiny cherry tree -- only three feet tall -- produced about a cup of medium, tart cherries,
just enough for two hand pies.
(Pie Week)
I pitted the cherries and then took out a crust I had saved in the freezer.
The pies went together easily
and the results were "scrummy"
as Mary Berry says.
Hubby and I split one pie for dessert
and split the other pie with Morning Coffee.
A surprise summer treat!


  1. Delicious! Hand pies = genius!

  2. Aw. Sweet treat from a tiny cherry tree! :)

  3. I have wanted to make hand pies this whole week! Yours look just perfect! How nice you were able to get enough cherries for those beautiful treats! Now I need to get myself busy.

  4. They look fabulous! Last year my cherry tree went nuts. This year nothing. I will have to try the little pies.

  5. Thanks for your "pie love" everybody!

  6. We love the Great British Baking Show ❤️

  7. Beautiful! And from your own tree :) We also enjoyed that show so much.

  8. I've never made hand pies before, but I've always wanted to try them. Years ago, I bought one of those stupid mini pie machines and I never use it. The old ways are best LOL!


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