Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fall Nature page: Seeds

I was inspired to put some seed pages into my Fall Nature Journal when I discovered the journal pages that Heather and her children were making.  I remember making seed charts when I was a 5th grader in school.  It was so much fun hunting for seeds around the neighborhood and then labeling and gluing them to my chart.  I think my chart was fairly "freestyle" compared to some of my friends' charts, but doing the project was probably way more fun to me than the end result. 

I have a pile of zinnias and marigolds that I pulled up last week that have dried out.  I'll dig through it for some of the seeds to save and plant in next year's flower beds.  The grandkids planted Forget Me Nots in their tire gardens and so I gathered up a few of those seeds to scatter in my beds.  

I felt like a 5th grader again collecting seeds and pods and sketching them into my nature journal.  Fun!  Are you a seed saver or a seed appreciator?


  1. I've saved a lot of seeds (veggie and herb, not flower) this year, in our freezer. And today, a friend gave me a little baggie of a few moonflower seeds! He posted a video of the flower opening one evening. It was stunning. I hope mine will grow next summer.
    Your journal of seeds is just lovely. I need to spend some time in my journal this week too.

  2. Great fall pages. I do not collect seeds and such but I have a friend who has made a name for herself foraging all kinds of things in nature and making images form them.

  3. Love the 5th grade project redux! This is super cool, Jody! I love looking at these nature pages of yours. :)


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