Saturday, September 30, 2017

So long September....

SEpteMber was full of lots of happenings:

Bike riding
Picking apples
Canning apple sauce and apple butter with the daughters
Making plum jam
Digging potatoes
Pulling carrots
Planting garlic and lettuce
Picking brocolli
Working cows and pregnancy testing 
Turning in the bucks
Pullet hens begin to lay 
A few nice rainy days
Painting kitchen cabinets (still in the process)
Starting a watercolor nature journal

Now it's time to say, "So long September, it's been nice knowing you."


  1. What a lovely way to summarize a month. I hope October is just as nice.

  2. Glad you got some nice rainfall. Hello October!

  3. Love the list! Love the look at your life on the ranch, Jody! And your nature pages are soooo cool! Good for you for doing them. My kids are all talented artists, but their mother has never used watercolors. :/

  4. I love your painting! Your people look so read, their postures are so right -- I can imagine their movement. Love the Song of Solomon quote, and your leaves are perfect. Lovely journaling!!! September is past, and now we get to dive into October.

  5. Oops -- "Your people look so real."

  6. Your journal reminds me of the drawings in Sing Through the Seasons song book from Plough Publishing, which I was just browsing last week, trying to learn the song, "Remember September." I also noticed the posture of your people! It's all very evocative and cheering!!


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