Thursday, April 06, 2017

Homemade Le Poo Pourri....

For those times when the bathroom smells like
 a fresh cow patty or the chicken coop,
you need homemade Le Poo Pourri.

Perhaps you've seen the famous video-ad for the original
Poo Pourri.  Click here -- It is SO funny!
We all know about those unspeakable stenches
that emanate from the bathroom, 
but what to do if we have none of the original
Poo Pourri on hand?

Make some!
and fast!

Here's how.  
In a small spray bottle mix:
2 tablespoons of alcohol
20 drops or so of your favorite essential oils
Now fill up the bottle with water and shake again.

Before you go #2, squirt 4 sprays of Le Poo Pourri
in the toilet water.  Then do your business.
No stinky.

For good measure, 
you can give the room a little spritz or two.

I have also used my homemade Le Poo Pourri
in the mud room when the dogs are making a stink.
Or when I can't be sure I've gotten rid of all traces of
cow manure off the rugs. It helps.

This spray helps with kitchen odors too.


  1. So practical. Does it mess with the septic system?

  2. Thanks for this recipe; the original is great stuff...the ginger smell is so strong, it overcomes just about everything.

  3. You're too funny! "lingering whiff of barnyard" cracked me up. Thanks for the tips -- a great idea!


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