Saturday, August 27, 2016

Recycled denim skirt...

I made a skirt!
I snatched a pair of Bee's jeans that had huge holes in the knees.
I chopped off the jeans just above the knees and
used the good part of the legs to made the insert
in the back and front.
Here's a good tutorial how to do that.
I really liked the simple A-line skirt that she made in the tutorial,
but I knew Bee would like ruffles more.
I found some cute ruffle skirts here and here!

 I ended up hemming this and putting two rows of ruffles
right over the top of it, overlapping one row over the other.
It worked like a dream.
I added a matching fabric belt.
This was so fun that I want to go on a holey jeans snatching mission!
I think all of my grandgirls would enjoy one!

Today I've been finishing up another project.
I'll show you soon!


  1. So darling! I just wrote Pippin to ask if Ivy has any jeans with worn-out knees...

  2. Very, very cute. Emilie used to make those when she was younger. I think they are the very cute and a great way to not throw out jeans. I love how cute yours turned out. Here is pin I saved on what I would like to make

  3. Aw! Very sweet! I remember I put inserts in my jeans when I was in high school. Sewing is fun! You are good with denim!

  4. I tried that, but made the skirt portion too long and too tight. Poor girls couldn't run. Yours is perfect.

  5. What an adorable little skirt Jody -- I need to file this away for future use! ;-D


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