Saturday, June 04, 2016

Nature Notes and Eloise Wilkin...

 The "chicks" got out of the coop for the first time this week.
Remember, we have all white pearl leghorn girls this year?
All except one Black Cochin...

I think the Black Chochin may be a rooster.
He's got feathery legs so we call him/her Little Britches.
 It's a great, big world out there!

 Both girl cats had babies at the barn.  As you can see, one set of 5 is a couple weeks old, and the new set of five kittens was just born a couple days ago.  The cats are co-mothering.   I separated the bigs from the littles one night and the moms put them back together.  I hope the big kittens don't get all the milk. 
Have you ever read Eloise Wilkin's books?
They are the sweetest little stories with the dearest illustrations of children and families and nature.  I have my own small collection, and I love to give these books to my grandkids and as baby gifts.    I don't have any of Wilkin's kitten books, but I do have Baby Listens with this picture of a kitten.

 As I was mowing and trimming the yard, I spied this Cecropia moth in the grass.
This is the time of year when we see them.

 Look at the fat, red & white, striped body!  The grands call them candy cane moths.
Eloise Wilkin, my favorite children's author/illustrator, captured the Cecropia moth beautifully in her book,  Wonders of Nature

I've been watching a robin family who nested in my backyard tree and now the babies are out of the nest.  This little fella was in my garden, sitting still as could be.  I've seen several of them about the yard with their parents who are still feeding them.  Whenever I see a baby robin, I think of these two pictures that Eloise created.  The first illustration for Wonders of Nature and the second for  

Do you have a favorite children's author or illustrator who depicts children in nature? 
Do tell!


  1. What a beautiful butterfly! I just love the fat cheeked children the the Eloise Wilkins books. Nothing sweeter than a baby anything- we had a tiny fawn in our backyard woods this week.

  2. I have never seen that type of moth - it is so cool!

    Also love the big batch of kittens - I bet the grands just LOVE them. No kitties here this year, but I almost wish we did have some kittens just for the children to love.

    I LOVE those pictures and decorated the girl's baby rooms with them when they were so tiny. What a great baby gift those books would be!

  3. I do have some of those books. I loved them too. I will be going through my shelf that the grand children read so I am sure I will run across mine. I love that moth. Do you get many of them? It is incredible. Did you read Gene Stratton Porter? I have one of her Moth books. I think that the Girl of the Limberlost really is what changed my life.

  4. I find EW's illustrations so comforting. I love We Help Mommy the most!
    Aw! Can I have that fluffy yellow kitten? Maybe we could meet halfway! Oh, I DO wish you lived closer to me, Jody!
    I love the robins. James tries to catch them. They are so friendly.

  5. I love Eloise Wilkins! I have a few of her books among my grands books. I'm also a fan of We Help Mommy. :)
    That's a beautiful moth! My son, Josh, regularly posts pictures on Facebook of the colorful moths that come to his house. He has an album of them. It's a good feeling to let those chicks out into the big world, isn't it?

  6. Oh, Patricia Polacco is another favorite children's author. My favorite is Thunder Cake!

  7. What a great post. The moth is a beautiful find. My favorite children's stories were the Mother West Wind books by Thornton Burgess. I can't wait to see Little Britches all grown up.

    1. Hi Bonnie, Could I ask what you meant about Little Britches? That was my youngest son's favorite book growing up. I ready it many times to him- it was his first "chapter"book. Thank you, Angela

  8. What a sweet post! I don't know Eloise Wilkin (I've heard of her, but not seen her) but her stories looks just beautiful. We have a wonderful used book store here -- I'll have to see if I can find her in the children's section!

  9. What a beautiful--and quite startling--moth!

    I remember the Eloise Wilkin books. They're just lovely.


  10. I love children's books in general and ones with fabulous illustrations like these are great. I'll need to track some down. Love the moth and the bird shot you got! Seems like everyone I know lately who have acquired chickens have one that ends up being a rooster!

  11. Look at your adventurous chickens! They're beautiful. I love her books too. I had one for my daughter when she was a baby and I think it's one of her very favorites that she's kept all this time. The drawings are so precious.


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