Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May baa baas...

 Baa Baa, the web's most famous ewe!

Lambies are being born to the yearling ewes this month.  The yearlings do not always have babies because of their youth, but since our lambs are born in February, they are older and their bodies are  mature enough for breeding.  If we breed them to lamb in May sometimes they will "catch" and conceive.  The majority of them did and here they are, doing their job out on the grassy, green pastures.  Aren't they pretty against that lush green?

I went up to Dick's Pasture tonight to check on them and thought I saw a ewe, dead on her back.  Then I thought I saw her leg move a very little bit so I drove over to her and got out to see.  Sure enough, she was alive, but had probably been there a while.  I flipped her up on her legs and she toddled off.  She was an older ewe and super-big and pregnant.  It happens sometimes when a pregnant ewe lay down, she has a hard time getting back up.  I hope she'll be ok.  Sometimes when a ewe is on her back for too long, her equilibrium gets all wonky and she end up on their back again.  We will have to watch for her.

I was in town today visiting the "townie grandgirls" and shopping for flowers at the farm/ranch store.  As we were waiting in line to buy our flowers, the girls pulled me over to see the baby ducklings.  They were very sweet, but the cutest, most interesting thing to me was this Siamese cat who was  stretched out over the screen that covered the ducklings. I'm sure it was a warm, cozy place for her to nap,  but I thought it was so funny --  like "the fox guarding the hen house."

My gardens are all planted to capacity now and the new hay field is planted too so all that's left to do is pray for rain.  As green as it is, we are seeing signs of it drying up and the reservoirs could sure use a topping off.  A good inch of rain would do us just fine right about now.  We've got chances for rain most of this week so we are hopeful.

Tomorrow I'll plant a few flower pots with one of my favorite front porch flowers -- red geraniums.  I picked up some white wave petunias to mix in with them.  Can't wait to show you!  Until later, thank you for stopping in to say Hi!


  1. Lovely header and the lambies are always fun to see. Looking forward to seeing your potted geraniums!

  2. SHEEPIES!!! They're all so pretty. And how interesting about the pregnant ewe on her side -- I hope she'll be ok. Loved the picture of the cat with the ducklings too -- very funny!

  3. Aw! I want that watchdog kitty to come live at my house. I'd find some warm spots for her to relax.
    Aren't the lambs precious? Oh my goodness. Our Jenny wants a farm because she is so in love with her chickens and wants a donkey! Ha!
    Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to see your geraniums!

  4. I love seeing all of the lambs and the ewes. I really do wish I had some. The new neighbors next door have pigs.
    They just brought them home. The told me they are bringing a steer home next.
    I just wish they would bring some lambs.
    I love that kitty. My DIL just got ducks to go with her chickens. I think all of us just long for our own little farms. A ranch like yours though is just the ticket. I do hope you get rain.
    Flowers are next on the list. I got my garden in just nick of time. Every thing is growing like gang busters. Have a lovely week, praying you get rain.


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