Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sheeps, Kids, and Wools...

Do you see Baa Baa, the lone black sheep?
If you look closely, you can see blue lips on the ewe to the left of Baa Baa.
The kids noticed it right away.  They wanted to know why blue lips?
I told them it was from eating blue snow cones!
Really, it's comes from licking cobalt salt blocks.  
Ruminant animals need salt to digest vitamins found in their feed and turn it into energy.
Pretty cute aren't they?
 Nibble, nibble.

 Making sheep scatter!
Because it's fun!

 Pushing sheep just because they are there.  
And because they are fluffy.
Would ya look at that wool?
Soon we'll be shearing.

 Nibble, nibble.
Papa helping the kids feed the sheep by hand.


I've been inside working on a couple flannel quilts for the church and one for JJo's friend who will be having her first baby soon.  JJo did the quilt top and I finished it up.  Currently I'm working on "My Own Baby Quilt," -- the scrappy one.  Remember it?   I've begun the machine quilting part now and it's going pretty well.  I'm using a walking foot (on my new Bernina) and it works great. 
(Wool garments I found and a pair of baby moccasins) 

A dear friend gave me a special gift of an online class from Craftsy.  (BTW, their classes are on sale right now and so many choices!)  I'm so excited! I'm taking an embroidery and wool applique class which will surely challenge me, but before I can begin I have to find some woven wool fabrics to work with.  Today I spent a little time at the thrift store in town to see what I could find for wool garments that I can cut up and use in my projects. It's interesting to me that to buy new wool fabric by the yard or by the square, it is CRAZY expensive.  Like $24+ per yard.  But I can go to the thrift store and they do not price wool items differently than they do any other clothing items.   Besides the class project, I have an idea to make a wool blanket in "quilt fashion" kind of like this and this and this.  I'm especially fond of the first blanket with the soft pastel colors and the calico binding.  What do you think?

The weather is going to change from mild winter in the 30s
to cold, Arctic winter sinking to sub-zero temps at night and teens in the daytime.
Brrrrrrrr!  Rrrrrrr!  Rrrrrrr!
Bank up the fire and put on the kettle!
I hope you're warm wherever you are.


  1. Aw! Love those fuzz balls! So cute with the grans!
    I love what you are working on, Jody!

  2. Look at that fluffy thick wool! Fun to see the littles so comfortable around those sheep! Brrr...nothing that cold here. We did get quite a sopping today though. Stay warm!

  3. We're getting the arctic cold, too. Those wooly quilts look like a good idea. I traced this back to the original blog post and she said the sweaters are felted first. Does that just mean washed a lot, or how is that done? Sounds like a fun project!

  4. Ohmygosh -- how cute are your grandbabies with all those sheep? I always thought sheep would run from people, but, I guess is you have food ....

    LOVE that wool quilt! Looks like the perfect thing for this freezing weather too!

  5. I love those pictures of the kids and the sheep. Well, I guess winter is finally arriving. I love all of that wonderful wool on those sheep.
    Wool is expensive. I keep thinking I will buy a bolt and just dye all of the colors I need. That is always fun.
    I love Craftsy too. Now I can think of sewing again. Have a wonderful week.

  6. The photos of the children with the sheep are so adorable. And I love the pastel woolen blanket. Looking forward to seeing with you make.

  7. I love Craftsy! I've done a number of quilting classes and thought they were excellent.

    Always a pleasure to see the sheep and doubly so to see the grandbabies!

    Stay warm, Miss Jody!


  8. Makes me want to go up and give one of those sheep a big hug!

  9. Pushing sheep around does sound like the greatest fun. I wouldn't mind trying that myself. Your wool projects inspire me to plan something with all the sweaters and wool scraps I've collected over the years.


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