Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Flower art...

(we gathered)

(we arranged)

(we played)

(we created)

(we had fun)

The Littles were with me this afternoon while Mommy took the new baby for a check-up.  I was inspired by Maya's Botanical Meditation, and invited the children to walk in the gardens and fields to gather flowers and leaves and grasses to create our own flower art.  The girls were thrilled to create their masterpieces and then have them photographed to be saved for a time when the blooms and leaves are no more.
Like the musician, the painter, the poet, and the rest, the true lover of flowers is born, not made. And he is born to happiness in this vale of tears, to a certain amount of the purest joy that earth can give  her children, joy that is tranquil, innocent, uplifting, unfailing.
~Celia Thaxter (1835 - 1894)
Source: An Island Garden, 1894


  1. Gorgeous! I've been letting our littles pick and pick. Yesterday I came home with four packs of pansies and I HAD to let them dig, water, and plant because they SO appreciated the flowers' beauty.
    I want to do that! Maybe for my family girl time, I could get some "throw aways" from the florist and we could make botanical meditations. Thanks for a great idea, J!

  2. What fun and beautiful creations!

  3. Beautiful Jody! You're the FUN Grandma!!!

  4. I think it is so neat you still have flowers. The flowers are wonderful. I am sure the girls just loved that. I know my grand girls would love it. The boys might. I love that quote. I love Celia Thaxter.

  5. Great idea! Love the quote.

  6. I will remember this project for the next time my nieces visit.

  7. I will remember this project for the next time my nieces visit.

  8. My kind of fun. So pretty. Clarice

  9. Those are the coolest photos! I love how rearranging the flowers gives brand new looks. Good work, grandma!


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