Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gettin' ready, gettin' snow, get sewing!

We spent most of Friday getting ready for a coming spring storm.  We gathered all the livestock that was out in the far pastures closer to home.  I had the grandgirls and we drove the cake-feeding pick up to coax cows and sheep to pasture while the guys drove behind them with the Rangers.  We used to do this kind of job on horseback, but times -- they are a changin'.  We certainly do get a lot more done in a short time this way.

There are still cows that are calving so there is added work when a spring snowstorm comes in. By Saturday we totaled up an inch of rain which was most welcomed.  Overnight we accumulated some snow.  Not much.  Just enough to make the grass white.  As Sunday is being spent, the snow continues to fall, but it doesn't accumulate much on the ground.  The dirt roads are not covered at all, but only the grass is white.  We call spring snow "poor man's fertilizer" because it is coming in slowly and soaks in slowly.  We do hope we get a little run-off into the ponds and reservoirs.  Fresh water is always a need in springtime to carry livestock through the summer months when it gets hot. 

(My back yard through the window)

Since the spring snow is happening outside, I decided to do a little sewing inside.  Saturday I got busy making a couple muslins of two different skirt styles.  I decided to do the practice muslins to see how the patterns fit and how they looked.  I chose a flared (gored) skirt for the final cut, and I am pleased with the result.  The pattern amounts to one piece that is cut eight times.  I used a cotton voile and the effect is very flowy and relaxed.  It even has an elastic waist so the feel is relaxed all around!  The free pattern is called the Bossa Nova Skirt and the link is HERE.  For measurements and sizes, click here.  (I had to go hunting to find the measurements for the pattern brand.)

This is my Bossa Nova Skirt.

And for Mother's Day (wishing YOU a happy one!!) I sewed myself yet another skirt.  This one is SO easy and so quick and takes just one yard of fabric.  It is a knit pencil skirt, and I found the free  instructions and video tutorial over at Dana Made It.  I love that the skirt fits close to the body, but has a lot of give because it's a knit.  I think a knee-length pencil is very attractive.  Do you?  

 My eldest son gave me this hand-embroidered card along with a handmade sugar scrub.  I didn't know he could embroider like this!!  Thanks to his wife, my sweet DIL, JLo. Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there! You're wonderful!


  1. I agree that the pencil skirt looks really good on YOU, Cowgirl!

  2. Cute skirts and what a sweet card! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. The transition from cowgirl with muddy boots ~ to your pretty skirts! Love that.

  4. You look wonderful in these pretty skirts! But spring snow? Really?

  5. Wow -- Snow! That must explain the cooooold weather in Chicago this weekend -- we were freezing. Your skirts look wonderful -- I love the pretty fabrics you've chosen!

  6. I love that picture of your grand girl and the binoculars. Not to mention the boots and then your wonderful skirts. They looks so nice and springy. I always think that spring snow is a good thing as it does water so deep. It looks pretty. The card is great.
    So pretty. I think he had help;)
    I laughed at your cartoon at the bottom. I keep my good scissors well hidden, but I have caught culprits wanting to use them to just cut a piece of wire. :) Nothing is sacred when it comes to scissors. :)

  7. I love your skirts--what great fabric! Both of them look fabulous. And your son's card is marvelous. What talented children you have!


    1. Ahhh, you missed my sarcasm. My son did not actually embroider the card. My DIL, his wife did, but he claimed he did. Silly boy. I know better.

  8. Love the skirts! And the embroidered card. It was so sweet of your boy to put so much time into the card. The quote is pretty funny, too! :)

  9. Glad you got some spring snow, 'poor man's fertilizer', but can see the rush to get the stock nearer to home when there's a storm brewing. I hope the calving is going well. I like both skirts. A pencil skirt is a flattering style, which I like, especially when you use the right material that gives a little and the gored skirt is also very pretty and comfy. Clever son - you must be proud of all your family.

  10. Jody!!! Such talent. Your skirts are so cute. And I loved the cute card. You have a talented daughter in law too. Keep warm. Good luck with the new calves.

  11. You amaze me with your many varied talents. The skirts are look so professionally made and finished.

  12. Snow!!!! We have wild flowers! So amazing to have rain! Love those skirts!. Both are so very cute.

  13. I love the floral/yellow skirt! It's so lovely! The sandals are darling! That color looks great on you! Such a sweet card, homemade are the best💜


  14. I'm glad you didn't get a ton of snow. I love both skirts. I wish I was better at sewing clothes. I think you have to read instructions and be careful reading measurements. I am good at neither task.

  15. I'm glad you didn't get a ton of snow. I love both skirts. I wish I was better at sewing clothes. I think you have to read instructions and be careful reading measurements. I am good at neither task.

  16. Don't you think maybe he gets his stitchin' skills from his mom? :) Very pretty card. And very pretty skirts too! They look great. The snow is pretty. We are all done with that winter weather here, that's for sure! I hope your summer is going well.

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