Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Peasant dress...

I'm tickled pink about the newest peasant dress I made.  JJo (our newest daughter-in-love) thought the little girls' peasant dresses were so cute and wondered if there might be a pattern out there for us big girls.  Yes, there was!  I found this one from Scientific Seamstress on Etsy.  It's called Sis Boom Meghan Peasant Dress.  There are lots of pattern sizes (XS to 3X) and several style options.  This peasant is made with a light stretch knit, and it fits JJo just perfectly.  I made her dress with an empire waistline, but there are options for different waistlines, bust sizes and sleeve styles and styles.  This dress has a hemline just above the knee.  The pattern is easy to follow and easy to sew, and I hope to make a few more peasant dresses this summer.  JJo says it fits well and is very comfortable.

On another note, we've had lots of crazy weather in our area these past couple of days.  A tornado touched down just about 30 miles down the road from us and tore out power poles and wires and left the county without electricity.  We are still running generators tonight so we're going on day two of no electricity.  The company says it should be up and running by this evening.  Thankfully, no one was hurt even though the tornado was a mile wide and was on the ground for quite some time swirling around out in ranch country where there are few people or buildings in harm's way.  There was also a lot of hail in the storm with high winds and torrential rains that caused lots of rivers, creeks and streams to flood and bridges and roads to washed out.  This time we missed the hail and destruction and received an inch of rain instead.  The hay fields that were destroyed by hail a couple weeks ago are showing signs of growing back.  They will not likely make hay, but there is a chance that we might get a little bit of grazing from them this fall.  We'll just have to see what happens.

It's almost Summer Solstice.  I wonder if we'll start to warm up when real summer hits the northern plains?  We've probably only had two days so far with temperatures of 80* and above.  I'm not complaining.  We've had several lovely 70-something degree days that were next to perfect.  I know some of you out there are suffering under sweltering heat and drought and that's really hard.  If we could just take a large hand mixer and swirl all of our weather together all over the USA, maybe we'd get a perfect blend of sunny days and rainy nights to make a pleasant Garden of Eden.  That would be nice, wouldn't it?


  1. Well if that dress isn't just dandy! I bet JJo looks darling in it. Great job!

    A tornado? Oh my goodness. I'm so glad you weren't out and about when it touched down. I missed the post about the devastating hail storm you had a few weeks ago. I'm so glad this time around, you had sweet rain rather than pounding hail.


  2. Oh boy so sorry about the weather. It would be interesting to do the mixer method of weather...
    Hope all the power is restored soon.

  3. Super cute! That looks comfy.

  4. I adore the peasant dress! I want one!
    My mother made one for each of us girls one Christmas. Mine was lavender calico!
    Ugh! The scary weather! Stay safe!
    We've had nice temps, too. We're off to the cool mountains today and I'm hoping it's warm enough to swim.
    Sending love your way, Jody-friend!

  5. What a lovely dress. I really like that. You have really had a cool summer so far. How nice. I really can't complain. Having the drought has made it so I can keep things weeded. Though, I have never in my life seen it with no moisture at all in the soil. One thing I noticed the other day, I have a place where I put lizards that I run across or the cats bring in, I was over looking around for the lizards and they are all gone. I am so glad that you didn't get hit with the tornadoes. Have a wonderful day.

  6. What a pretty dress Jody -- it looks perfect for life on the prairie. And I was wondering how you were doing with all the weather -- it's been a weird spring, following a weird winter. Hopefully summer will settle down a little!

  7. pretty dress and nice job on sewing. my sewing machine has a wonky tension and I don't know how to fix it although I think I've, probably, made it a little worse since tinkering.

  8. That tornado was too close for comfort of mind. whew.
    Very cute dress - and very special to be able to sew for an adult and have them like it!

  9. That is the truth! I often wish I could lend some rain to my friends in California, and borrow some cool breezes and temps from you :) That dress is lovely, so loose and comfy looking. Good job!

  10. What a cute dress! I love the color and the print! Your weather sounds nuts...hail, tornadoes, I bet you will be glad for spring to almost be gone. It is gradually getting warmer here heading toward the 90's this weekend. This spring seems a smidge cooler for us than usual though it has been horribly humid the past few days. Glad you guys are safe!

  11. You made Jennifer's dress. She would love yours!!! Too cute. Akkk crazy weather indeed. It has been cool and gray (w/ sun peeking out now and then) here. I am ready for summer to start!! xox Clarice


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