Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ranch ice skating...

 Oh happy day!  Finally, Peach and I dug out the old ice skates from the crawl space and worked them over a little bit.  She had spotted them when we were digging out Christmas decorations and has been asking and asking when we could skate on the pond.  Today was the day.  The smallest pair of skates we have were too large for her, but I added a felt liner, put some stuffing in the toe, and put an extra pair of socks on her feet to take up more space in the over-sized skates.  I suppose it helped some, but too big is too big.  Still, we had a good time despite the slips and falls.  

Hubby took the tractor and scraped some of the snow off the ice, but he could only reach as far out as his farmhand could telescope out so the rest of the shoveling had to be done by hand with a snow shovel.  It's a good way to begin balancing on skates.

I strapped on my own ice skates and clunked around a little while before I could smoothly glide across the ice.  "Smooth gliding" is stretching the ice skating facts a wee bit since stock pond ice is never smooth, and the first time out on the ice for a 50 year-old grammy is anything but smooth gliding.  I did get better and even pulled the girls around in the sled.   

Toodles didn't officially skate, but she did slide around on her boots.  She has a very good attitude about falling on the ice.
When life causes you to slip and fall, 
make snow angels!

After the girls went down for their afternoon nap, I decided to do some hunting on the interwebs to see if I could find a pair of ice skates to fit a little girl, and I did.  I ordered them immediately, and now we anxiously await the day when they arrive in the mail.  Aren't these cute?  I wish I had a pair of pink ice skates too.  Today finally turned warmish so we thought we could actually enjoy playing outdoors.  Are you playing outside this winter?


  1. No playing outdoors yet around here. Those skates are pretty fun looking. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the snow and ice. We are finally getting back to more normal warmer winter temps around here.

  2. oh, that is so sweet! I do love ice skating. Of course, living in NC we skate at an indoor Xtreme Ice Center (where 10-year old NHL hopefuls train, with parents actively seeking out ways to help their kids advance! The minor league hockey team trains there, so the ice is always perfect. They even use the Zamboni every hour or so!) And we do have an outdoor rink at the Charlotte Motor Speedway (NASCAR) although I've not gone there.

    Yes, I love playing outside, even though my southern winter is much different than yours on the northern plains! I even have a loved old pair of black ice skates...somewhere in a box in the garage.

    Glad you bought a new set for your little cutie. The ones they make now-a-days are so much nicer and warmer! I know, because I wear the rental ones at the ice house. A HUGE improvement over what I wore as a teen.

    But as a girl, we skated on grandma's pond and on the Erie Canal. I know all about snow on the ice, and how it warms up the surface so that the ice gets bumpy. We skated around logs and debri at times. But ice skating at night, under the stars, with my brothers or a special friend...those are sweet memories.

    My son at college up north just posted pictures of m hidriving out on a frozen lake with his car :)

    _Ruth in NC

  3. it's been years and years since I've ice skated and wasn't very good then -smile-. starting young is the key, that and dressing in very cute clothes!

  4. I used to own my own skates....many many years ago. You are brave to skate on an outdoor pond. Can you order a Zamboni on the internet too. It might be useful:)

    Our small town rink was located in the stockyard auction area. They flooded it with ice and froze it. It wasn't bad...once you got used to the smell.

  5. Oh. too cute! Love those pink skates. And the snow angel, too. Sounds like a fun adventure and some special memories.

  6. What fun! And what memories she will have! I'm so glad you are DOING things with your grands. I haven't done much ice skating, but we lived in Iowa for 6 years and one winter I had a chance to skate on a river. You're right about the bumpiness! It was hard going :) So glad you're enjoying your winter.

  7. I'm spending this snowy afternoon in PA reading your blog. What a delight - thank you for sharing!

    This week my boys have been on our pond for the first time this winter. They love to play ice hockey on it. Looks like this Sunday will be our first skating party of the year.

    Have a happy day! I look forward to future visits here -

    Blessings from Julie in Skunk Hollow

  8. Aww this brings back memories from when I was first time ever skating on a real pond was when I was a tween....borrowed my step mom's skates and went to the neighbors and skated my heart much fun!!
    Love the new little skates for the girls....what fun memories for them!

  9. When I was fifteen I had a glorious three days ice skating on the slew with a good friend. FUN! Those little pink skates are adorable!

  10. Love the skates! I'm the world's worst ice skater, but I have dreams of gliding along the ice like a ballerina. Maybe if I had those pink ice skates, I would!


  11. MK is right -- how great you are DOING things with your grands! And they will remember:)

  12. Oh she will be over the moon when she sees those skates. So fun and how nice to have your own pond to skate on!! Clarice

  13. You are a wonderful grammy! 'Tis so true about skating on ponds & dams wherever...NOT SO SMOOTH gliding! :)

    I can truly imagine your granddaughter spotting those skates when you were digging out Christmas stuff, and having them on her brain. Sounds just like my three and half year old...and skates, ohhhh boy! Sounds jim dandy! :)


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