Saturday, June 09, 2012

Out in the gardens...

Electric red-orange poppies and hot pink roses delight me!

NumberOneSon made me this lovely bird bath out of a tractor disk.  
It's a really unique addition to my flower gardens.

The potatoes are up!  
I am so excited about this no-dig potato growing.
So far, so good.
Do you see the swather in the background?

The lettuce, spinach, and the radishes are doing well.
The onions are too, but look at the bug-chewed peppers in the back of this bed.  Oy!  I sprinkled on some garden powder to keep the bugs at bay.  I hope they make it through.

Today was the first official day of haying.  Hubs started out cutting around the houses and then swathed in the buck pasture hayfield.  There won't be much hay this year.  It's just been way to dry for growing much, but we will make the best of it.

At the end of the day, 
there was supper 
and then there was dessert...

Ummmm MMMmmm


  1. That dessert looks delicious. Love your garden boxes. We are in the middle of a drought. The snowpack is almost gone from our mountains and the farmers will be lucky to get a second cut of hay. Good luck with the bug fight.

  2. Jody, that was downright tricky!! You lulled me along with pics of tractors and garden plants, and then BAM!!! Chocolate! That's gorgeous :) Yummy! Also, I really love that birdbath. The thin edge is very attractive -- most are thick, clunky concrete. He should make more of those!

  3. That bird bath is really cool! Your garden looks rich with bounty. Enjoy!

  4. Bonnie,
    We are facing drought too. No snow this past winter and no rain this spring. We will be lucky to get a little bit of hay. The last 3-4 years we've had huge hay crops, but this year we'll have to rely on our carry-over hay from last year. So far, I'm keeping the gardens alive, but my lawn looks horrible.

    I love my bird bath too. I had a concrete one, but the grandgirls are using it now for an "oven" for mud pies. Chocolate at the end of a blog post works well, doesn't it? Easy with these lava cakes....they're RICH.

    The garden looks OK for now, and I'm letting any volunteer flowers go ahead and grow. I don't think things will looks so hearty as the summer gets hotter. Water will be an issue this year.

    Thanks for your comments, girls!


  5. I'm so sorry you're having a dought! It's kind of depressing, isn't it? I know we're supposed to get depressed from too much gray weather and rain, but I think too much sun & dry weather is just as bad. Thankfully, we've had lots of rain and our lake is full again, but weve still got July and August to come, so . . .
    Anyhoo, love your birdbath and those lava cakes look heavenly! Have you seen Rachel Khoo's cooking show -- The Little Paris Kitchen (you have to watch it on YouTube)? She makes lava cakes with homemade caramel in the middle!

  6. Aha! As I was just writing, and here is a demonstration of my problem: CAKE!

    I'm wondering what type of bugs eat your peppers like that? Here we have earwigs and snails mostly.

    The birdbath is perfect.

  7. I couldn't see the swather 'cause my eyes were on the John Deere LOL. Your gardens are looking great, in spite of the lack of rain. It's been way too dry here too -- if we don't soon get a bunch of rain I worry that they'll start some sort of rationing. People around here would never make it out west LOL. Yummy looking dessert!

  8. Lovely garden pics, and super-lovely dessert pic! :) xx

  9. Ohhhh love the birdbath!!! Your garden looks like it is going to town, it inspires me xox Clarice

  10. I'm curious about your potatoes--are you growing them in hay bales? We haven't had much luck with potatoes here--too much clay at the bottom of things--and I'm always hope to find a better way. Enjoy your lettuce and spinach--I miss ours! On the other hand, we've got lots of beans and the cukes are on the vine!

    That cake looks divine!


  11. Beautiful flowers and garden. And what a FABULOUS bird bath. That is really creative. That cake looks so yummy.

  12. For some reason it felt like just the two of you, Jody and hubs, having a wonderful day and settling down at the end of a full, happy day...with lava cakes! No one else around but happy in your work on the ranch. That's how it seemed from over here, at least.

    I hope you gardens do well. I now am aware of the drought since my son is in ND. He talks a lot about the wind and dust. :) (He loves weather of all kinds).



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