Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Simple Spring Things....

This time of year always makes me smile.  There are so many changes that happen in spring in the north country that it seems every single days there is something new to celebrate.

Warblers are cheerily messing around in the trees.  The most common here is the Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Tulips are springing into bloom.

My fresh-mowed lawn looks green and pretty (except for the brown spots).

We had our first wienie roast in the fire pit with The Neighbors (grands and their parents).

Frogs are singing in the evening.

The trees are just about to leaf out.  Some are leafed out; others are close behind.

The green grass is growing like mad and so's the alfalfa in the hay fields.  The newly planted hay field is up and looking great!

The rhubarb is coming strong.  My rhubarb isn't quite pickable yet, but my folks gave me enough of theirs for a pie.  Nothing like fresh rhubarb pie.

The baby calves are still being born and the calves on the ground are healthy and happy.  Perfect calving weather here.

We had a nice rain this past weekend -- 1 3/4" of rain!

A sunny day today.

The neighbor girls got a new puppy -- Charlie.  Happiness is a new puppy.


  1. I am so loving the green!! We are still a little moist around these parts for mowing maybe this weekend....

  2. You are just getting spring while my spring is close to turning into summer! It sounds like a great time to be up where you are. Love the little bird:)

  3. Life is sounding ideal where you are~ Happy spring!!

  4. Pictures of the new puppy?
    Love the wiener roast concept!
    Hooray for sunshine's warmth and green grass growing!

  5. This is my favorite time of year to take walks, just to see what's blooming and what's about to bloom and what's thinking about blooming. It changes everyday. Also, the Carolina bluebirds and the goldfinches are back in town--so nice to see them!


  6. Happiness IS a new puppy! Sounds like a perfect spring on the prairie!!!

  7. That is all very nice. So glad you are having a nice spring.

  8. Isn't this a wonderful time of year? Every little of glimps of spring is wonderful xox Clarice

  9. What a sweet yellow bird. And I can't think of a better puppy than the one that lives next door. =)


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