Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting small....

 The moon and stars to rule by night, for His mercy endures forever.  ~Psalm 136:9

Such an amazing moon shone in the southwest sky this evening.  It's another "children's moon" because little Hazel Peach was able see it along with the bright-shining "star," Venus before she padded off to bed.  We sat in the porch swing and watched them sink into the horizon.  If you'd like to know what's coming up in the sky for the coming week, click Sky and Telescope and come find out with me.

Remember that I just recently found the beautiful songbird, Eva Cassidy?  Well, now another treat.  If you'd like to listen to her or any other of your favorite musicians online, you can click a free online "radio station" and listen all you like.  Click Grooveshark and choose your artist and listen to all his/her music. So delicious!  I have also discovered Pandora where you can type in an artist or genre of music and play that style on your computer.  It's nice, especially when your home stereo is broken like mine.

This weekend my parents have parked their camper in our driveway and are staying to help us haul the hay in.  They look forward to this work holiday all year long.  My dad and all our guys haul in and unload the hay bales while my mom and I do our own projects along with doing lots of cooking.  Today Daughter-In-Love came with HP and we girls shucked 10 dozen ears of corn, cut it off the cob, cooked it just enough, and sacked the cooled corn into quart bags to freeze it.  To be sure, we saved a few ears of corn out for our lunch, but the rest went to the freezer for wintertime meals.

Tomorrow we are going to make a 5 gallon bucket of apples into homemade apple butter.  Oh the delightful spicy smells that will be wafting around and amongst us.  I wish I could add a scratch 'n' sniff spot to my blog so you could enjoy the apple-y experience with us.

"Now I think we are small enough.  Let's call it a night."
~Theodore Roosevelt 
(a comment made after marveling at the enormity of the number of visible stars while walking with a friend, William Beebe)

Go outside tonight, look at the moon, the planets and the STARS and get small with me.  ~Jody


  1. My little guy watched the moonset tonight with me, too. And we said, "Goodnight moon! See you tomorrow!"

    We also swung in the hammock on the porch, watching the stars come out. I love that as much as I love watching the world wake up.

    Your kitchen projects sound like so much fun! I haven't done any canning this year--too busy--oh well!

  2. This is all so fabulous! But my favourite bit has to be the front porch- we don't have those!

  3. Spounds like a wonderfully social and productive time Jody.
    I love Eva Cassidy and am going to try and connect with the station.

  4. Hello Moon Sister,
    I love it when the moon shines in on me while I sleep. In my new book, Hollyhock Days by Sharon Lovejoy, she speaks of the moons. Love it.
    I wish you could put a scratch and sniff on your blog, too. Apple butter - YUM!

  5. Last night our skies were full of lightening which kept us in from our evening walk. It was pretty dramatic with really bright flashes like a camera going off repeatedly but not any rain to accompany it. I hope to get our there walking under the moon tonight.

  6. I love that small feeling too! I am forever trying to captures the moon and stars with my camera but I can not..too much beauty! :D

  7. You lead the perfect life Jody! Sounds like you're having a wonderful end of summer on the prairie. Reading your text is every bit as good as having a scratch and sniff!

  8. You are like Laura out on the prarie. Good luck getting all your work done xoxo Clarice

  9. I love it when you write about the moon. And I really like that Teddy Roosevelt quote. Wonderful!


  10. Also love the Roosevelt quote. You are such a connoisseur of the moon. There must be something about that Montana sky!


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